Entrepreneur Magazine: September 2007

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Ready, Set, Connect

The best new software is all about integration, so get ready to take your business to a higher level of connectivity.

Lead the Way

In the Information Age, customers want to hear you say more about your product and what it can do for them.

Pay the Piper?

Paying bloggers to review your product could lead to fame--or shame.

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Asking for it

When negotiating, questions are critical to your success.

As Seen on TV

Offering more ways to reach your target audience for less cash, TV advertising isn't just for the big boys anymore.

Take a Swing

The only way to hit it over the fence is to believe that you can.

In the Loop

Make sure you--and your gadgets--know what's going on.

Town or Country?

Phone taxes meant to help rural areas may not be doing their job.

Staying in Sync

Keep yourself connected with these 3 methods.

Speak up!

Linking to the internet community by phone lets you say your piece.

Watch and Burn

The ultimate write-off? A high-capacity HD or Blu-ray DVD burner.

Set your Sites

Looking for a redesign with some flash?