Entrepreneur Magazine: March 2008

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New Wave

The top new franchises for 2008 are making a splash.

Military & Aerospace Electronics Forum

Uncle Sam wants you -- or at least your product.

What's the Outlook?

Microsoft wants to help you reach out and touch someone.

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You're Grounded

Landline phones are taking flight with a host of slick new features.

Keep in Touch

Yes, prospective customers really do want to hear from you--so follow up.

The Big Show

L.A.'s the place to be this month for the latest in gifts and fashion.

Play Your Way

It's all just a game with this laptop designed for the player in you.

What It's Worth

There are two ways to look at cost of living: from your viewpoint as a business owner or from the perspective of your employees. If you are relocating or expanding your operation, you need to take both into consideration.

Stick Together

For Gen Yers, birds of a feather truly do flock together. As the group migrates into the work force and baby boomers retire, more companies are seeing the benefits of hiring groups of Gen Y friends.

Storage Smarts

Data retention can be a major gray area for growing businesses. Your data is your life-blood, whether it's employee information, customer payment numbers, internal files or the reams of e-mails you send and receive.

Say What?

Keep tabs on the competition--and track your own reputation--with these resources.

To the Extreme

Though extreme sports surfaced years ago with activities like skydiving and surfing, these nontraditional sports--typically involving high levels of speed, height and danger--have yet to reach NFL proportions.