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6 Easy Steps to Making Connections That Make Money and Create Happiness

Transform your career and make money by building meaningful relationships.

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It pays to be a . Done correctly, being a people person can pay in a very literal sense. For me, it's helped build my businesses, created countless opportunities and has been the foundation for every success I've achieved.

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This may sound like a daunting truth to the non-networker or introvert, but here's good news: I've created and proven a winning formula after years of experience and trial and error. It's gone through many iterations, but these are the steps that lead to what I call the Velocity of Relationships.

1. Become a habitual networker.

Your network can't grow if you're not constantly focused on it. Fortunately, there are a handful of daily tasks that will get you into the of cultivating a perpetually growing network. Make a list of people, then be strategic in the way you build relationships with them. Create connection points and prioritize your . Because your time is limited, create meaningful opportunities to develop relationships.

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2. Understand that relationships are built on knowledge.

Too many relationships fail because people don't dig past the surface. Behind every solid relationship is personal insight. These are the well-hidden qualities that make individuals tick. They motivate people to act the way they do, to create their successes, and are the reason these individuals are on your list. Do your , take your time, and learn all about the insights that lie under the surface.

3. Make meaningful memories

I once bought a fly-fishing resort for one reason: to provide a place where I can make meaningful memories with others. I don't expect you to buy a resort, but I urge you to create experiences that have the potential to lead to making memories with others. As we spend time with others outside of business, we create strong ties and lasting relationships.

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4. Don't gossip. Ever.

This may be one of the most important points on the list. Gossip is a defense mechanism that triggers when we run out of meaningful things to say. When a conversation turns stagnant, we often turn from discussing ideas to dissing people. Gossip kills trust faster than almost anything else in this world, thus destroying the ability to effectively network. Replace gossip with honest praise.

5. Get in the habit of being happy.

Nobody wants to work with -- much less spend free time with -- someone who is negative. Those in your network need your positive energy, your excitement for life, and your optimistic outlook. So, take care of yourself, take time for yourself, then give your positivity to others.

6. Treat taxi drivers and CEOs the same

It's almost impossible to know where, or who, your next big opportunity will come from. Multi-million dollar deals have fallen through because a receptionist was treated poorly. On the flip-side, multi-million dollar deals have come from the mind of a customer service rep. Status doesn't matter, especially when you understand the potential that lies in everyone. Treat every individual as if they're a CEO. One day, they just might be.

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Strong relationships can do more than just make money.

Strip away life's frills, whittle away your earnings, pull back the curtain of life's commotion and you'll find the only things left are the relationships you've built. In fact, relationships are the foundation of everything we do, everything we are, and everything we hope to become.

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