7 Personal Finance Apps on Sale for Cyber Monday

Manage your money smarter by investing in a money management app while it's on sale.

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Shopping on Cyber Monday is just fiscally prudent. Shopping for money management apps on Cyber Monday? Now that's just genius. We've rounded up some of the best personal finance and money management apps available today. Plus, they're all on sale for an extra 40 percent off when you use code CMSAVE40 at checkout. Jump on these limited-time deals today.

1. Emma Personal Finance & Budgeting App

Emma users report saving up to $800 a year. This money management and budgeting app helps you connect all of your accounts so you can cancel wasteful subscriptions, avoid overdrafts, track debt, and save more. It analyzes your personal finances and recommends ways to conserve money so that you can get on financial track easier than ever.

Get Emma Personal Finance & Budgeting App for $23.40 (Reg. $299) with promo code CMSAVE40.

2. Invoice Crowd: Estimation and Accounting System

For the self-employed and solopreneurs, invoicing is an essential hassle. But with Invoice Crowd, your business accounting and invoicing will be a lot easier. This web-based program automates estimates, invoices, budgets, and even tax reporting to eliminate major pain points from your business.

Get Invoice Crowd for $29.40 (Reg. $1,440) with promo code CMSAVE40.

3. iFinancer Income & Expense Tracker

Money management makes your life easier. And that's exactly what iFinancer wants to do for you. This personal financial manager gives you a clear report of where all of your money is at all times. It tracks incomes and expenses, budgets, and alerts you whenever your money situation is getting out of whack.

Get iFinancer Income & Expense Tracker for $11.40 (Reg. $30) with promo code CMSAVE40.

4. Toshl Finance Pro Plan

This top-reviewed app is your seamless money manager. Toshl syncs between all of your devices and bank accounts for real-time updates whenever a transaction occurs. It offers easy data entry for cash expenses in any currency — even crypto — and provides useful graphs to visualize how you use your money each month. Toshl also helps you budget for all kinds of expenses and provides effective filters to help you reach your goals.

Get the Toshl Finance Pro Plan for $18 (Reg. $59) with promo code CMSAVE40.

5. Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App

Holding onto your receipts is crucial to getting the best tax breaks come tax season, but who wants to hold onto all that paper all the time? Foreceipt is your digital receipt tracker. This tool makes it easy to digitize paper receipts and helps you organize digital receipts so you can get all of your ducks in a row for tax season.

Get Foreceipt Receipt Tracker App for $18 (Reg. $239) with promo code CMSAVE40.

6. Currency HeatwaveX Financial Tool

Currency HeatwaveX is the ultimate tool for day traders. This app has 15 unique components with real-time data, including market pips turnover and power, upcoming events, aggregated currency strength, and much more so you can read the market before it changes. If you want to maximize your investment returns, Currency HeatwaveX will help.

Get Currency HeatwaveX Financial Tool for $39 (Reg. $1,140) with promo code CMSAVE40.]

7. QuickBooks® Essentials Plan

Get an unrivaled deal on the world's top accounting software. QuickBooks® is what professional accountants use to help their clients manage money and stay on top of all of their accounting. With this Essentials Plan, you'll get all of QuickBooks' industry-leading tools to help you invoice, manage operations, run payroll, prepare tax payments, and much, much more.

Get QuickBooks® Essentials Plan: 1-Yr Subscription for $289.99 (Reg. $479). Save even more during this Cyber Monday sale with promo code: COUNT21.

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