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How Lewis Mocker and Amy Sangster Went from High School Friends Interested in Finance to Teaching Thousands to Build Wealth They made bank day trading and now they help others find their own financial independence.

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Lewis Mocker and Amy Sangster

In this series called Member Showcase, we publish interviews with members of The Oracles. This interview is with Lewis Mocker and Amy Sangster, the co-founders of Infinite Prosperity, a financial education and empowerment company. It was condensed by The Oracles.

Who are you?
Lewis Mocker: We're high school friends who bonded over our unique perspective on life, specifically the traditions and conventions surrounding financial and vocational success. While our peers focused on good grades and a comfortable career, we avidly sought another path. Our first success in entrepreneurship came from our eBay business, where we tasted the freedom online business could create.

The next frontier was trading on the foreign exchange, known as Forex trading. With this model, we were both able to break free from our day jobs. Our new champagne breakfast lifestyle attracted the attention of our peers, who wanted to know what we were doing and how. We launched Infinite Prosperity in 2012 to answer that question. Now we've helped thousands create income and grow their wealth through passive investing and active trading.

What's your favorite quote?
Amy Sangster: Our favorite quote is from Tony Robbins: "Life will pay whatever price you ask of it." After forming the company, I gave Lewis a business card holder with this quote engraved on it.

We've come to learn that when we ask for only a little, we receive only a little. But when we raise our expectations, back them up with consistent action, and execute with unwavering self-belief, we can truly create whatever life we want.

What was your biggest challenge starting in business? How did you overcome it?
Lewis Mocker: For our niche, the biggest challenge was financial licensing. The vast majority of our competitors operate businesses that would be deemed illegal in Australia, where we're from. Since we wanted Infinite Prosperity to be around for the long term, we spent over a year obtaining the formal education, qualifications, and licenses to run an online financial education company the right way.

What's the biggest common leadership mistake?
Amy Sangster: Overpromising and under delivering. Time and again, we see leaders, mentors, and so-called "gurus" and "experts" promising the world and setting unrealistic expectations for their team and clients. While this might be an effective strategy to achieve a short-term goal, promoting flash without fire comes at a price.

One of the reasons for our enduring dominance in this niche is our track record of over-delivering value. When a student joins us to learn investing or trading, they also get an entire process for self-mastery. That's why we offer a "Life Changer Guarantee" with every membership — because we truly believe we're helping change lives for the better.

How do you identify a good business partner?
Lewis Mocker: Look for someone on the same level but with different skills. If you're not as skilled as your partner, they'll eventually want you out. If you're vastly more skilled than your partner, you'll eventually want them out. If you're strong and weak in the same areas, you'll lack diversity and adaptability.

Which single habit gives you 80 percent of your results?
Amy Sangster: We continuously focus on product development and adding value. The time we spend building new content, tools, and strategies for our clients pays the highest ROI.

What is one of your proudest moments?
Lewis Mocker: Three years into Infinite Prosperity, we hosted our first black-tie event, the 2015 Infinite Prosperity Ball. At that point, we worked with thousands of members from all over the world every day.

Finally meeting these amazing people in person and hearing their inspiring success stories was a really moving moment for us. So much so that we turned the ball into an annual affair, which has been called "the most glamorous event in online financial education."

What are you working on?
Amy Sangster: Our next frontier is Infinite Vitality, which aims to revolutionize the way we think about our health, our bodies, and the world around us.

In 2015, I lost my boyfriend to cancer. He was just 24 years old. Just as I questioned the financial and career path instilled upon us in school, I started questioning everything I had ever been taught about health and vitality. Through that experience, I found almost everything I had been told was inaccurate or incomplete. I learned things that have forever changed my life and the lives of those around me. That was far too important not to share on a larger scale.

What excites you the most about your business right now?
Lewis Mocker: Our community is flourishing. Our all-star team hosts four live trading sessions every week for traders in more than 55 countries around the world. Our inboxes are full of incredible messages and gratitude from our members — which is why we keep doing what we do.

One of the most significant ways we help our community is by teaching the principles of prosperity that will allow them to break through to what we call the Two Stages of Financial Independence. You reach the first stage when your passive and semi-passive income exceeds your expenses. You reach the second when you can maintain that independence regardless of the market, your mindset, motor skills, or mortality.

What do you want to be known for, or what do you want your legacy to be?
Amy Sangster: With Infinite Prosperity, our legacy will be that we touched the lives of millions of people with timeless finance principles that can make a tangible difference in their lives. Whether your primary currency is dollars, pounds, euros, bitcoins, light particles, silver coins, bottle caps, or cattle, these prosperity principles stand the test of time.

As we evolve as individuals, the Infinite Prosperity mission and message is continually expanding to cover more and more strategies for fulfillment, independence, and success. Our purpose is to help our students build their "wealth machine." And more importantly, to develop the mindset necessary to not only achieve their goals — but to also enjoy it when they do.

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