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This Company is Changing the Way Portable Devices Use Power WiGL is building a more efficient, greener future for the Internet of Things.

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The world is more connected today than ever before. There are 3.1 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the U.S., including 310 million smartphones. Portable electronic devices like smartphones are the heart and soul of the IoT revolution, but they also contribute to a number of costly problems.

One company is aiming to reduce our dependency on mobile batteries and the problems they create for our wallets and our environment. WiGL has developed innovative solutions for the IoT revolution and is currently open for early investment to anyone with an interest in getting in on the ground floor.

The problem with IoT devices.

Most IoT devices operate 24/7, powered by batteries. The latest battery technology, however, offers limited autonomy, long charge times, high production costs, and has a harsh environmental impact. These issues have consequences to both producers and consumers and limit the full effectiveness of IoT devices. Between running out of power too early, needing to replace a battery semi-frequently, and the problem of how to dispose of dead batteries, the IoT revolution has a problem.

WiGL feels that today's definition of wireless must also include wireless electrical power to overcome battery limitations and meet 24/7 mobile power needs.

What is WiGL and how does it work?

WiGL imagines a world in which IoT devices are no longer fully dependent on batteries. They aim to help people ditch the cords and wires and allow people to power and recharge their devices the same way they connect to the WiFi or use cellular.

And that's what WiGL does. Instead of transmitting and receiving WiFi data, a WiGL enabled transmitter (Tx) uses the same raw radio frequency (RF) as noise but harvests the RF noise as raw power. Like phones, WiGL patented Tx tech is smartly connected in adhoc meshes, allowing for a near-endless charging range. That way, you can draw power to your phone wirelessly, practically right out of thin air. (The product is currently under development, final results may differ and are not guaranteed.)

In the future, WiGL also plans to produce eNERGY Units that function as a self-generating power router that could enable remote location meshed networks for smarter, greener power. That means you could go camping in the woods with your WiGL transmitter and still be able to draw wireless power. If successful, WiGL's over-the-air power could allow people to truly gain wireless freedom while using their IoT devices.

WiGL's patented technologies has the potential to provide greater security, cleaner and less wasteful energy, and convenience to individuals and organizations alike. Their versatile, developing services have been successfully demonstrated at Virginia Tech's Tech Talk, through a Department of Defense helmet application, and on a common cell phone.

With WiGL, you could spend hours on the phone and still have full power at the end of the day without ever plugging your device in. Entire teams could stay connected all day without anyone needing to charge their device or losing power. And could work on all of their devices, from phones and laptops to key fobs, earbuds, and more.

Why people are investing in WiGL.

WiGL is looking for investors before it hits the market. The wireless and wired charging solutions market is estimated to grow to $25 billion in 2022, aand WiGL believes it's technology can fit within this large market space. 31 billion devices are already connected to the general IoT market (not associated with WiGL) at this very moment and 75 billion estimated by 2027, You can see why we feel there are many possibilities for how WiGL can be applied across many different verticals.

WiGL's fully patented technologies were developed by a disabled veteran and its leadership team counts experience from the Air Force, Draper Laboratories, MIT, and BAE Systems. Simply put, the market is huge and WiGL is uniquely positioned to make a splash.

Invest today in a greener, smarter future with a $250 minimum investment in WiGL.

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