10 Gadgets That Make Great Gifts for Entrepreneurs

If you're looking for the perfect present for the boundary-pushing entrepreneur in your life, check out this list.

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Shopping for high-tech Christmas presents can be an overwhelming experience. To help you navigate through all the noise, we’ve created a guide with some of our favorite gadgety picks for the holiday season. Many aren’t traditional Christmas presents, but that just means they’ll make great gifts for the boundary-pushing entrepreneurs in your life.


Note: While we’ve listed the regular price for each item, you’re likely to find some (if not all) of these gadgets on sale at a number of retailers during the holiday rush. Happy shopping!


1. Sentri

Sentri makes your home smarter. The device, which can be placed on a desk top or hung on a wall, monitors the temperature, air quality and humidity in your home. The findings are displayed on the device’s 10-inch touchscreen, but you can also check them remotely via its accompanying mobile app. The device also has a 120-degree wide-angle HD camera built in, so you can see what’s happening at home at the office, from across town, or on the other side of the world.

Price: $299

2. Yuneec Typhoon 4k

Yuneec’s Typhoon 4k is one of the coolest commercial drones out there. The aerial vehicle has a personal ground station with a built-in touchscreen, an integrated 3-axis precision gimbal camera that’s capable of capturing high-definition video and 12-megapixel still photos. Use the drone’s Watch Me mode to seamlessly capture video of you biking, running or participating in other fast-moving activities.

Price: $1,199


3. Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is shaping up to be one of the hottest gadgets of the year. In the rare case you have an Apple-lover on your list who doesn’t have one yet, this is the perfect gift. The smartwatch doubles as a fitness tracker, can accept phone calls like a Bluetooth headset and displays notifications for things like text messages and emails on its screen. If you and your loved one both own an Apple Watch, you stay connected by sharing your heartbeat.

Price: $249

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4. Gear VR

Virtual reality has really started to gain steam, and there’s no easier way to get started than Samsung’s Gear VR. The headset, which works alongside multiple iterations of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones transforms your phone into a virtual reality powerhouse. You can use the headset to explore new places, play games and even watch Hulu and Netflix movies on a virtual screen.

Price: $99.99

5. Keurig KOLD

Keurig, the home beverage brewing system, isn’t just for hot drinks anymore. The new Keurig KOLD Drinkmaker uses the company’s iconic pods so you can create some of your favorite cold drinks in the convenience of your kitchen. Available pods include iced teas, flavored seltzer water and traditional favorites such as Dr. Pepper and Coke.

Price: $369.99

6. The ONE Piano

The ONE smart piano, which works with iPhone or Android devices, turns piano practice into a game. The keyboard is embedded with red and blue LED lights that guide you through the correct hand positions, and the piano’s app includes video lessons, thousands of sheet music and games. You’ll be playing everything from the classics to the latest pop songs in no time.

Price: $1,499.99


7. iPad Pro

Apple’s new iPad Pro is the perfect gift for the frequent business traveler. On its own, it’s great for watching movies on planes. And when paired with an add-on keyboard and an Apple Pencil, the large-screened tablet doubles as a laptop replacement.

Price: $799

8. Sonos Play:5

Thanks to a recent update, Sonos’ Play:5 speaker offers even better sound quality than previous models. The smart speaker can stream music in any room of the house, is powerful enough to provide beats for a party and can be used with other Sonos speakers to create stereo-quality surround sound.

Price: $499

9. Beddit

It’s easy to forget to wear your fitness tracker to bed and even when you do remember, the readings aren’t always accurate (especially if you’re sharing bed real estate with someone else). Enter Beddit, an ultra-thin device that goes under your sheets transforming your bed into a smart bed. When paired with your smartphone, the device can record metrics like heart rate, respiration, snoring and sleep time. The app gives you a personalized sleep score each morning, and offers personalized tips for improving sleep quality.

Price: $149

10. Tesla Model S

Want to go all out this holiday season? It doesn’t get much more over-the-top than the Tesla Model S. The electric, luxury vehicle recently got a software upgrade and is now able to autonomously stay in its own lane, change lanes and stop and go in traffic.

Price: $75,000

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