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5 Lesser-Known Online Directories Where Your Website Should Be Listed There is huge, well-known directory everybody wants on, and several others you might not know about but should.

By Jonathan Long

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"I want to get my website listed on DMOZ. Can your company help?"

This is a question my digital consulting agency receives multiple times a week from business owners, website designers, online entrepreneurs and even other SEO professionals -- everyone wants to be listed on DMOZ.

What is DMOZ? From their website:

DMOZ is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a passionate, global community of volunteer editors. It was historically known as the Open Directory Project (ODP).

"DMOZ was founded in the spirit of the Open Source movement, and is the only major directory that is 100% free. There is not, nor will there ever be, a cost to submit a site to the directory, and/or to use the directory's data. Its data is made available for free to anyone who agrees to comply with our free use license.

Is it a great listing to get? Yes. Will it immediately make your website rank better in the search results? No. Directories can be a source of referral traffic and the links can provide an SEO benefit, just like any other quality links can. So, in addition to DMOZ, here are five other online directories to look into."

1. GoGuides

GoGuides offers a simple submission service, costing $69.95 for a lifetime listing, which is processed in 24 hours. Simply find the most relevant directory category for your website and click the "Add URL" option.

"Directories are still a great way to gain more exposure across the internet by sending both quality traffic to listings and helping the search engines discover new content," says Robert Barger, President of GoGuides.

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2. Skaffe

Skaffe's submission process is simple. You will need to locate the best category that describes the product or service that you are submitting, click the "Suggest URL" tab and follow the submission guidelines. Editors look for original content, compliance with submission guidelines and overall quality when evaluating submission requests. Express reviews are $44.99 and the free submission option is open during business hours and typically processed within 30 days.

Bruce Stone, Managing Editor of Skaffe adds, "Directories provide targeted local traffic, and additional search engine listings."

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3. Aviva Directory

Aviva Directory is a general web directory that organizes websites by topic and, when appropriate, by region. Submitting your website is very straightforward -- simply navigate to the most relevant category, then click "Add Website" and provide the requested information.

Every time a new site is submitted to the directory, an editor will visit the site to make sure that it is appropriate for the directory and for the category that it was submitted to. All listings in the directory are reviewed annually to ensure that they continue to meet quality guidelines. When submitting, you can choose between an annual listing ($49.95) or a permanent listing ($149.95).

"Getting your website listed in a number of reputable directories establishes your site as a quality one that is credible and trustworthy," says Jeffrey Behrendt, founder of Aviva Directory.

4. Ezilon

"Ezilon accepts listings from quality websites with from all regions of the world. All submissions are reviewed by staff editors, and if found suitable, your website will be listed in the directory," says Charles Michaels, Director of Operations at Ezilon.

Consisting of multiple regions, you must first select your location, and then navigate to the category most suited for your website. Once you locate the correct sub-category, click on the "Submit Site" option and complete the information. Ezilon offers a yearly listing for $69 and a permanent listing for $199. Non-commercial websites -- government, NGO, associations, non-profits, educational institutes and charities -- are free to list.

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5. Best of the Web

The Best of the Web submission process is really quite simple. You can click the "Submit Site" button located on the top of each page, fill out your website details (URL, title, description, etc.) and their editors handle of the rest. This directory reviews each submission for quality content and then places the site in the most relevant category. They have multiple pricing options available, and also offer bulk submission deals for agency and enterprise clients.

"Best of the Web directory links have been, and continue to be, an indicator of quality. Our human review process assures users that the website is a valuable resource on the particular subject matter," explains Greg Hartnett, President of Best of the Web.

Jonathan Long

Founder, Uber Brands

Jonathan Long is the founder of Uber Brands, a brand-development agency focusing on ecommerce.

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