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5 Tips for Harnessing Social Media to Scale Your Online Business Learn how to leverage myriad platforms to build your brand's image and bolster sales.

By Simonetta Lein

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Social media has become a quintessential element in today's marketing mix. Approximately 3.5 billion people were active on the multitude of platforms in 2020 alone, and according to a report by oberlo.com, people spend about three hours daily on said platforms. Moreover, 54 percent of social browsers are there searching for products.

It's easy to see how harnessing social media is essential to ensuring rapid and sustainable growth. In a recent conversation, digital marketing expert Rei Prendi, CEO of Elektronika.al, shared five ways in which businesses can leverage social media to achieve explosive scaling power.

1. Building out a strong presence

In today's day and age, potential clients would probably visit your social media profiles before visiting your website. As Prendi says, "Social media is where they go to get the feel and flavor of your brand. When potential clients Google you, ensure that your business ranks high on the search results."

Invest time and resources in building your social media handles as well. Design a compelling logo for your brand or business, and take time to create a unique website. In the digital world, it's all about portraying your brand effectively. Take it one step at a time, and build your digital presence gradually.

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2. Focus your efforts and diversify

There is such a diverse range of social media platforms to choose from; it's challenging to know which ones to focus on for the most effective results. According to Prendi, "The trick is to understand where your target audience or niche hangs out. Focus on those areas first and gradually diversify from there."

Build your Facebook and Instagram handles to begin with. Depending on the nature of your business, look at leveraging other platforms, too. If you're into art, try Pinterest. Do you often share more video-based content? Perhaps building a YouTube channel for your brand would make sense. Having a strong and varied social media presence makes your business look more credible.

3. Create powerful content

Though it may seem obvious, crafting compelling content is no easy task. Your content echoes your brand identity. It's critical that it be striking, relevant to your audience and add value. Instead of static images, post videos of your products, latest offerings and other services. Ensure that there is a personal touch. Put up posts of yourself talking about your services or sharing useful information with your audience. Figure out what people are liking or responding to and build on that for the long haul.

4. Build a niche for your brand

Every business and brand has an area where they should strive to be an absolute authority. However, today's marketplace is an extremely competitive one, and standing out from the crowd can be tricky. "It is essential to demonstrate your core competencies and niche to your audience," Prendi agrees. "They need to know exactly what you do and understand what makes you the best at it."

If you have any qualifications, specialization, or degrees that help bolster your niche, let your audience know. Share informative content and DIY videos, or spend time building an attractive website that details your services. With a focused approach, clients will have more faith in you and your services, and thus growth will follow.

5. Engage your audience

People love brands that they can interact with effectively. Prendi elucidates: "Interacting regularly and effectively with your audience online will yield multifaceted benefits. It helps inspire trust and loyalty, which translates into more business."

You can host Q&As, create interactive polls, post quirky stories, respond to customer queries and listen to customer feedback. Clients can often help you understand your shortcomings, and so you can work at solving those challenges. Build a stellar bond with your audience, and growth is inevitable.

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The world is going digital, and there are no two ways about it. Those that embrace change and adapt are the ones who will survive. Understanding and effectively leveraging social media can help you scale your business and take a quantum leap in terms of rapid growth.

Simonetta Lein

Millennial Entrepreneur, Fashion Influencer, Activist

Simonetta Lein is an author, millennial entrepreneur, influencer and activist founder of the Wishwall Foundation www.thewishwallfoundation.org

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