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8 Times Billionaires Got Wacky on Twitter

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An employee of is now famous, but maybe not for the reason he had hoped. Branson posted a tweet with an employee who was sleeping on a coach in the Virgin Australia office reading, "checked in on @VirginAustralia staff & caught this guy sleeping. I gave him a wake up call!"

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Oprah Winfrey

For Branson, posting goofy photos is not out of the ordinary, but for other billionaires, posting a funny tweet can be quite the rarity. Here are eight times billionaires took over Twitter by being whacky:

1. Richard Branson

Richard Branson posted a tweet with a sleeping employee that went viral, but quickly assured the Twitter community that the man was simply getting some much needed rest while on standby.

Shortly after Branson had captured the media's attention, he took it a step further. On World Oceans Day Branson dressed up like a mermaid, with a shiny tail and everything.

2. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is one of those billionaires who doesn't generally use , but he did generate some attention when he tweeted a photo of himself dressed up like Walter White's alter ego Heisenberg from . The photo has been retweeted 5,396 times so far. Buffett only has eight tweets, the first being, "Warren is in the house."

3. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey tweeted out a video about how much she loved bread. Yes, bread. Oh and she made $12 million from the tweet. Oh, to be Oprah.

4. John Henry

John Henry, owner of the , tweeted out a photo of a Boston cop celebrating a David Ortiz home run. The photo of the police officer, a massive Red Sox fan, went viral and the owner soon tweeted out a photoshopped version.

5. Bill Gates

Bill Gates is usually very stoic in his tweets, but he brought attention to a serious issue in a goofy way when he tweeted about poop. Despite the silly connotation, the tweet was meant to bring attention to the fact that 1.5 million children die each year due to severe diarrhea.

6. Bob Parsons

GoDaddy owner Bob Parsons must not be an ophidiophobe because he used a snake as a golf club. He only got 10 retweets and 25 likes for this tweet, but it sure got his wife's attention. Below the tweet, Renee Parsons commented, "HONEY!!"

7. Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is always a little bit of a goof when it comes to Twitter. Just look at this tweet that he sent out using a urinal while holding the NBA Championship Trophy. Mavericks fans thought the picture was so funny that the team starting selling socks with that very image on them.

8. T. Boone Pickens

T. Boone Pickens got some attention for taking on rapper Drake in a tweet. Drake handled the episode well though, tweeting to his followers "@boonepickens just stunted on me heavy." To make it even juicier? Pickens biography is titled The First Billion is the Hardest.

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