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Advice From Barbara Corcoran to Marc Ecko: Entrepreneur's Hottest Videos of 2013

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From business moguls like Barbara Corcoran providing hard-nosed, practical advice to digital-marketing experts helping make sense of the ever-wacky and evolving world of social media, readers were drawn to all types of videos in 2013. And the videos watched most often, offer up some valuable tips for current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Corcoran

We've combed through our traffic reports and what follows is a countdown of our most-viewed videos of 2013:

10. Marc Ecko on Entrepreneurship as an Art Form
Marc Ecko, founder of fashion lifestyle brand Eck? Unltd and Complex Media, talks about finding ideas during quiet moments doing everyday things like working out or taking a walk at his home in New Jersey.

9. Taking on Risk, Embracing Rejection and Other Startup Lessons From the Trenches
Inspired by our 'TrepTalk series, here's some of the best advice from top entrepreneurs on how to navigate the path to success -- and enjoy the ride.

8. Getting Your Name Out There as a Startup
As part of our Project Grow series, we interviewed a number of business-incubator advisers and entrepreneurs about what works when it comes to raising awareness for a bootstrapped company.

7. Barbara Corcoran on How to Win Over the 'Crowd'
The real-estate mogul and Shark Tank star investor answers a business owner's question about the best way to raise money from the crowd on sites like Kickstarter and IndieGogo.

6. 3 Reasons a New Hire Isn't Working Out
As part of our 60-Second Solutions video series, business coach Ann Mehl explains the three most common reasons why an employee might not be meeting expectations.

5. Barbara Corcoran on Two Things Investors Look For
Here, Corcoran details the two things that go through her mind when an entrepreneur pitches her: Do I trust this guy? How am I going to make money?

4. Mike Rowe From 'Dirty Jobs': Don't Follow Your Passion, Live It
Known best for hosting the TV show Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe on what it takes to set out on your own and how he is trying to ignite the job market by shining a spotlight on passionate entrepreneurs.

3. Barbara Corcoran on Projecting a Big Image and Living Up to It
Highlights from Corcoran's keynote speech at Entrepreneur Magazine's Growth Conference in Dallas early last year.

2. New to Digital Marketing? How to Keep 'Face Time' With Customers
You shouldn't stop using traditional forms of communication just because your marketing becomes more high tech, says digital marketing expert Jason Falls. Here, he offers his best advice for making your online outreach more personal.

1. 3 Tips for Branding Your Growing Business
From figuring out why you do what you do to determining who you never want to work with and staying true to yourself, branding expert Erika Napoletano offers her top tips.

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