An Easy Way to Cut Your Business's Carbon Footprint Arcadia is making clean energy solutions more accessible.

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Arcadia Power

Building a business takes hard work and devotion. Building a business while reducing your carbon footprint is even harder. You may not be thinking about sustainability while you're growing your business, but maybe you should be. In fact, sustainability could positively impact your bottom line. If you want an easy way to get started, Arcadia is creating clean energy solutions that support the planet without requiring you to do much of anything. Plus, it won't cost you a penny more.

The national power grid is filled with dirty energy from fossil fuels and other non-sustainable sources. All that dirty energy makes electricity the number one contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Arcadia is working to counterbalance all that waste by making it incredibly easy for people to choose clean energy.


Whether you operate in a small office or at home, switching to clean energy can lower your carbon footprint by more than 40 percent. That's an enormous impact, and you don't even have to switch your energy provider. With just a few clicks, you can integrate Arcadia with your existing utility account and start matching your energy use with clean sources. Check out how it works:

How Arcadia lowers your carbon footprint.

Arcadia's primary focus areas are wind energy and community solar. They partner with wind farms across the U.S. to make a vast network of wind energy available to anyone with an electricity bill. Their platform integrates with your current utility to monitor how much energy you use and then matches it with renewable energy certificates (RECs). Wind RECs are the nationwide standard for tracking how much clean energy makes it onto the power grid, so each REC you generate moves the national market closer to 100% clean energy.

Arcadia's community solar program is also making solar more accessible. More than two-thirds of Americans cannot access rooftop solar, the primary means of harnessing solar power. By partnering with ground-based solar farms, Arcadia allows everyone — even those living in apartments — to gain access to the solar grid. Whether you're looking for a cleaner energy solution for your home or for your office, Arcadia makes it possible to bring solar energy into your life without having to worry about the constraints and expense of a rooftop system.

They currently manage community solar projects in seven states, allowing families and businesses to save money with solar credits.

Projects like community solar have inspired Arcadia users to get more actively engaged in the cause, too. People like Kate Loam, an environmental activist, are channeling their savings into building communities of like-minded individuals dedicated to cutting their carbon footprints. They're paying it forward.

Arcadia is easy to use and won't cost you a dime.

The important thing to note is that Arcadia won't cost you any more than you're currently paying for electricity. Plus, it will only take a few minutes to set up, and you can pay your bill through Arcadia with no credit card fees. One person who recently switched to Arcadia marveled at how easy it was to implement in her life:

"Arcadia is easy to use, comprehensive, and effective in delivering alternatives so we are not at the mercy of traditional utility companies, and allows us to use our voice in the form of payment, to encourage more renewable energy sources. Thanks Arcadia!"

Running a sustainable business doesn't have to be hard. Check out Arcadia's availability in your area today.

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