Authentic Stock Images and Video Can be Exactly What Your Marketing Needs Business marketers can access high-quality stock graphics with iStock.

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Chic marketing design is about more than flash—it's about making a connection with your audience in the seven seconds or less. This is even more important for small- or medium-sized businesses as the competition is likely fierce and often have greater resources. But budgeting for high-quality marketing materials can stretch a small business thin.

iStock images and videos are changing the game by elevating the content small businesses can affordably integrate into their marketing plan by providing access to high-quality, royalty-free images and video clips.

Stand out with diverse finds.

Popular, free stock images have fast become noticeable repeats on online articles and in marketing content. In a digital world where you have seconds to make a unique impression on your potential audience, why look just like everyone else? iStock gives small and medium businesses the tools to stand out with exclusive image content.

iStock has one of the widest-ranging image collections on the web. These are consistently higher-quality than free stock image sites. Sourced from 160,000 contributors around the world, iStock's catalog is authentic, expansive, and has high-resolution images to meet the needs of a variety of industries.

Each of these images comes with a license and has been thoroughly vetted to avoid legal snafus. Businesses worried about copyright infringement or suits from recognizable features in a stock photo can rest easy knowing they are covered by a $10,000 guarantee from iStock.

Exclusive video content.

Small businesses rarely have the budget to shoot a high-quality, custom commercial or presentation. Yet, video marketing remains a holy grail, with Facebook sharing that video ads inspire significantly better conversions—up to 30% more.

Businesses on the smaller side who want these conversions don't have to overspend to get great video content. At iStock, businesses will find more than generic shots. The iStock catalog is replete with 4K footage and HD clips, sorted by topic to help you find relevant content.

Small businesses know how difficult it is to find good video—but finding a huge collection with affordable prices is the marketing win every business owner is looking for. Mix with your own proprietary video content or create something completely from scratch with iStock when you delve into stock video options.

The right price for the right ROI.

Premium content typically comes with just that—a premium. Developing a huge budget for custom or even stock imagery in small business content creation and marketing is not always the wisest choice. Like all business decisions, a stock image budget should be based on expected return on investment.

That's why iStock's catalog of stock images and videos is affordable. Clients pay a one-time licensing fee and have free use of the image for its licensed purposes without any royalty fees associated.

Affordability is a prime focus with high-resolution images available from just $12. Videos start at $60 for 4K clips. Put together an ad campaign for under $100 and see the clicks start coming in.

If you're a business looking to expand into frequent image or video marketing, consider iStock's subscription plans, which permit a set number of image purchases per month for a flat fee. A basic subscription can get you images for as low as $0.22 apiece. With multiple options to pick the number of images needed and budget you can afford, these plans can be a game-changer for small businesses relying on graphic content.

Elevate your marketing game when you opt for more selective stock images and video from iStock. Your business will benefit from the authenticity and diversity uniquely available at iStock.

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