Five Ways to Win a Sale Using Your Customer's Mobile Now that just about everyone is carrying a cell phone, it's time to consider how to make mobile part of your marketing.

By John Arnold

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You can safely assume that nearly every person who interacts with your business has a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet computer on them. Mobile devices are always on and always ready for you to suggest mobile interactions that will move people closer to a purchase decision.

The first step in taking advantage of mobile devices is to think about every possible place where your business has a chance to interact with potential customers. For example:

  • Viewing an ad
  • Browsing the web
  • Walking into your store
  • Visiting your office
  • Meeting you at a networking event
  • Talking to a friend

Once you have a list of places where you typically interact with prospects and customers, compare your list with the following five mobile interactions to see which of them can help you to win a sale at the point of interaction or shortly thereafter.

1. Mobile Commerce
If someone is ready to buy at the point of interaction, you can win a sale by suggesting an immediate mobile purchase and payment. You can point people to a mobile website for a web-Some people who encounter your advertising, website or in-store products are ready to buy right away and aren't necessarily expecting a convenient way to make an immediate purchase. You can offer a speedy customer experience and strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, by pointing people to a mobile website for a fast web-based purchase, or by swiping a customer's credit card from anywhere using your own mobile device and a mobile payment service such as Intuit's GoPayment solution.

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2. Mobile Discounts

Sometimes getting people to make a buying decision is as simple as offering a little extra value in return for acting immediately. Instead of promoting a coupon or discount offer to the masses, you can make your customers feel special by asking them to request an exclusive discount at the point-of-sale via a mobile device. For example, you can use a mobile text-messaging platform to enable mobile text coupons and then ask customers to text the words "your company coupon" to your short phone number (known as a shortcode). When they text-in, the system responds instantly with a coupon or discount offer just for them.

3. Price Comparisons
One of the ways people are using smartphones is to compare prices at the point-of-sale to make sure they are getting the best deal. Instead of giving people free rein to compare prices on their own terms, you could offer a mobile site or digital brochure that compares your products to the competition you select for comparison. Ask people to scan a barcode, text-in, or visit selected mobile sites to compare prices and online reviews. One note, when you offer your own comparisons, make sure the comparisons you offer are true and accurate.

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4. Stay in Touch
If you can't win an immediate sale from someone, the next best thing is lowering the cost of marketing to that person in the future. Ask people to join your text-messaging list, email list, or follow you on Facebook from their mobile device while you have their attention as an alternative to making a purchase on the spot.

5. Snap and Share
Even when your products or services aren't the right fit for your prospects and customers, they probably know other people who would like what you offer. Ask people to use their mobile devices take a picture of your product or advertisement and share it with friends who may be interested. Offer to extend any discounts or special offers to the friend or colleague so the person referring you the business has something to offer their friend.

John Arnold

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