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Follow These 25 CMOs to Learn How to Build Your Brand on Twitter Twitter is a uniquely personal marketing medium these CMOs have mastered. Read their tweets to see how branding gets done.

By John Rampton Edited by Dan Bova

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They're the marketing face of their own organizations, in charge of their businesses' social media strategies and performance measurement. When it comes to social media activity, chief marketing officers set the standard. Yet with so many successful CMOs, it can be difficult to determine which ones to watch. This list of 25 great CMOs can help.

Gabriel Stricker: If you're following CMOs on Twitter, you probably should follow Twitter's own marketing chief. Gabriel Stricker is mostly a retweeter but he retweets some of the best posts from across the site.

Alan See: As a top CMO on Social Media, Alan See specializes in providing temporary CMO staffing to businesses around the globe. His more than 55,000 followers can count on him for great tips on marketing, branding and much more.

Phil Schiller: Apple's CMO Phil Schiller is highly respected in his field. While most of his Tweets are about his own product, his account is a lesson in the importance of showing your brand pride.

Amber Osborne: As CMO of social media management platform Meshfire, Amber Osborne has fun with her account, sharing information and personal insights on industry trends.

Ann Lewnes: Ann Lewnes is at the center of Adobe's marketing efforts, interviewing VIPs and sharing information on the company's activities. I had the privilege of interviewing her earlier this year and she is a wealth of information.

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Jon Iwata: If you've been wondering how IBM's masterminds think, Jon Iwata's account can help. He keeps followers updated on the latest news from the company, including results of studies that could help with your own business efforts.

Beth Comstock: Beth Comstock, General Electric CMO, is a self-proclaimed aspiring innovator. Through her tweets, she demonstrates just how innovative her marketing approach is.

Kirby Wadsworth: Limelight Networks' CMO Kirby Wadsworth keeps his followers "in the know" with tips on marketing and industry trends.

Margaret Molloy: Siegel+Gale is an international branding agency headquartered in New York. As its CMO, Margaret Molloy maintains a Twitter account where she shares examples of great brand marketing efforts across the globe.

Jeff Jones: Following its highly publicized data breach, Target's CMO Jeff Jones was able to put a positive spin on the experience, making him an impressive example for all social media marketers.

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Blair Christie: Blair Christie, CMO for Cisco Systems, uses her Twitter account to share Cisco's messages of empowerment and innovation.

Maggie Chan Jones: She may be new to SAP, but Maggie Chan Jones is off to a good start. Her Twitter feed posts keep followers informed of industry news and SAP activities.

Ed Nevraumont: Ed Nevraumont, the CMO of A Place for Mom, has an interesting follow-back policy, linked from his profile, in which he explains his own follow-back policy.

Robyn Forman: Robyn Forman, longtime friend and Searchmetrics CMO will keep you posted on the latest information you need to deploy successful marketing campaigns.

Stacy Martinet: You already count on Mashable to provide news and information. The company's CMO Stacy Martinet links some of the best of the best on her Twitter account. I personally find many of her stories inspirational.

Lynne J. Johnson: Lynne J. Johnson is CMO of Consumer's Credit Union. Through her Twitter account, she shares updates about her company's activities, as well as retweeting industry insights.

Helena Foulkes: As CVS Caremark's CMO, Helena Foulkes is working hard to spread the company's anti-smoking message through positive posts about the company's dedication to lung health.

Deborah Wahl: McDonald's had a win during this year's Super Bowl, becoming one of the top five most-mentioned brands on Twitter following its commercial. Deborah Wahl is relatively new to the position but she's already off to a good start.

Brian Eisenberg: IdealSpot's CMO Brian Eisenberg is a wealth of information, sharing information that can help both marketers and business owners. You can also read his marketing tips for agencies on his personal site.

Karen Quintos: If the world of technology interests you, Karen Quintos' account is a great one to follow. The Dell CMO takes customer service seriously, using a @DellCares account to provide 24/7 customer support to Dell customers around the globe.

Murray Newlands: Due's CMO shares the latest information on marketing automation and techniques, as well as the latest information on the company's innovations. I've worked with Murray Newlands for two years now.

John Foley: The CMO of interlinkONE is an author, speaker, and consultant. John Foley frequently shares tidbits through Twitter, making him a marketer to follow.

Antonio J. Lucio: As a brand, Visa has a global reach. As Visa's CMO, Antonio J. Lucio uses his Twitter account to share industry information and Visa news.

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff: Jascha Kaykas-Wolff is CMO of BitTorrent, as well as being a respected lecturer and startup advisor. His tweets are useful for both to marketers and entrepreneurs.

Nigel Dessau: Stratus Technologies' CMO Nigel Dessau is worth following if only to know when he posts his latest streams. Dessau's advice is available in a video library called Three Minute Mentor.

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