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Google's 'Smart Reply' Feature Arrives on Desktops Today

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There's no denying that is a major time-suck. Even if each email only takes a few minutes, there are so many messages sent to our inboxes during the day that the time adds up. may just have a solution.


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The announced today that its Smart Reply feature is coming to the desktop version of Inbox. Smart Reply learns which of your emails require a response, and then suggests three different phrases that would be a potential reply. Based on a user's selections, the tool will refine its response options.

For emails that only need a short answer, this can save time and cut down on typos. For responses that need to be longer, the tool can provide a jumpstart for the process.

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The Inbox feature debuted for mobile platforms in November. The company says that 10 percent of email replies on smartphones use Smart Reply.

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