Never Suffer from Low Battery Anxiety Again. Here Are 5 of the Best Phone Chargers. Do you worry when your battery drops below 50 percent? Never fear, our charger guide is here.

By Hayden Field

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"Low battery anxiety" might not be recognized in medical dictionaries, but colloquially, it's very real. One survey found that close to nine out of 10 people felt panicked when their phone battery reached 20 percent or lower -- and over 85 percent charge their phone up to three times per day.

Clearly, we're pouring a significant amount of cash into cell phone chargers -- in fact, the mobile phone accessory industry is expected to bring in close to $70 billion this year. If you actively dread seeing red when it comes to your phone battery, never fear: We studied pages of reviews to round up the five best smartphone chargers, no matter what your needs.

For speed: Anker PowerPort II

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What We Love: Whether you could use two ports for charging or you're married to work with two phones, this dual-port charger is a quality option for charging devices simultaneously. Anker's PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology work to provide the fastest possible charge for each device (although Qualcomm "Quick Charge" -- a feature offered on phones like the Samsung Galaxy series -- isn't supported). The company guarantees customer service responses in one day and an 18-month warranty for unexpected issues.

What Customers Say: One reviewer writes, "It charges up to two devices at their fastest possible speeds. The build quality is excellent, and the heavier than normal weight adds to that.' Another says, "Finally a charger that is reliable and works quickly. Have had it for several months now and use it every day to charge my iPhone, iPad, and even my wife's Kindle HD.'

Best Place to Buy: Currently listed at $12.99 on Amazon.

For wireless charging: Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible

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What We Love: Say goodbye to tangled cable aggression: Consumers with Qi-enabled smartphones can now charge their phone by simply placing it on a wireless pad or setting it on a stand. This particular wireless charger offers both options, and it also comes with a built-in cooling fan and LED light to indicate when the phone is charging. It's compatiblel with both the Samsung Galaxy series and the iPhone 8 or above.

What Customers Say: One reviewer writes, "This item will charge your device rapidly. You can lay your device flat on the charger, or tilt the charger up so you can use your device while it is charging. I have one in the living room, two in the bedroom, and one in my office.' Another says, "I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who owns a smartphone, not just Samsung or iPhone.'

Best Place to Buy: Buy new on for a current price of $68.40 or certified refurbished, currently listed at $39.95 on Amazon.

For connectivity with Apple products: Anker PowerLine II Lightning Cable

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What We Love: We promise we're not making any money from Anker, but after our sojourn across in-depth internet reviews, we found that the company's PowerLine cable came out on top almost every time when it comes to charging Apple products. The company claims it withstands over 12,000 bends in lab tests and lasts 12 times longer than other cables (just in case, though, there's a lifetime warranty).

What Customers Say: One reviewer writes, "I can't think of a single reason not to buy hundreds of these cables. They are really well made, and are infinitely more durable than Apple's lightning cables, are much longer, and cost less.' Another says, "If you're looking for one lightning cable to serve you well and last a lifetime, this is the ONE!'

Best Place to Buy: Currently listed at $12.99 on Amazon.

For on-the-go power: Jackery Bolt

Image credit: Jackery | Entrepreneur

What We Love: This portable power bank is handy for those who constantly find themselves switching to "low power mode" while out and about. It charges iPhones, iPads, Kindles, GoPros and the Samsung Galaxy series (minus the S8). The power bank is about the size of a typical smartphone and has the capability to charge a smartphone around twice within two hours. This product is also certified by Apple, and it's claimed to be twice as fast as the original iPhone charger. Plus, it comes with a 24-month warranty (and a thank-you note).

What Customers Say: One reviewer writes, "The Jackery Bolt caught my eye because the cables to charge the phone are built in. So instead of carrying a large battery and a cable, I could just carry this smaller one. The small size and weight were a plus, too.' Another says, "I'm always surprised how fast it charges my phone.'

Best Place to Buy: Currently listed at $29.99 on Amazon.

For solar charging: Anker PowerPort Solar Lite

Image credit: Anker | Entrepreneur

What We Love: Whether you're a hiker, a camper or an apocalypse prep enthusiast, this solar charger is consistently rated one of the best. Its PowerIQ technology can provide enough juice to charge two devices at the same time, and it supports models of the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series and more. Polyester canvas -- and industrial-strength PET polymer-faced solar panels -- make the product weather-resistant, and it's relatively compact and lightweight. Plus, it comes with an 18-month warranty.

What Customers Say: One reviewer writes, "I kept my phone charged using it consistently for over a week with no power source other than the sun.' Another says, "It works like a normal wall charger when there is a full power sun.'

Best Place to Buy: Currently listed at $55.99 on Amazon.
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