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Science & Technology

How Connectivity, Computing and Community Are Reshaping Television

The changing democratization of content is rapidly changing how we consume media — including television.

Business News

Amazon Tech Will Let You Pay at Whole Foods in the Most Organic Way Possible — With a Scan of Your Hand

Amazon announces its national roll-out of pay-with-palm tech at all Whole Foods stores.


Why Investing in the Accessibility Space Is a Smart Business Move

Let's take a look at the cultural evolution driving entrepreneurs to innovate around accessibility, launch projects focused on inclusion and access and explore what's making accessibility a ripe space for entrepreneurs to enter.

Side Hustle

Her 'Junk' Side Hustle Soared to $10,000 in Monthly Sales Using a Simple Secret Every Business Owner Should Know

Maddy Clements, founder of sustainable clothing business JUNK GOLD, reveals how social media — coupled with another important tool — helped her sales skyrocket.

Science & Technology

The Importance of Cyber Resilience in Today's World for Small and Medium Businesses

Here's why cyber resilience is particularly crucial for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Science & Technology

How Generative AI Is Going to Change the Capital Markets

How generative AI is democratizing investing, reshaping business operations and altering market dynamics.

Science & Technology

How to Detect and Prevent Accounts Payable Fraud

Fraud is widespread but also very preventable. Learn about common types and the best ways to protest yourself and your company.

Business News

Who Is FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried and What Did He Do? Everything You Need to Know About the Disgraced Crypto King

Sam Bankman-Fried has been charged with committing "one of the biggest financial frauds in American history."

Science & Technology

How to Build a Cyber-Resilient Company From Day One

How to build a cyber-resilient company through risk identification, development of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, implementation of proactive and reactive defenses, and employee training.

Business Solutions

How to Gain 10x Productivity By Utilizing These 2 Time-Saving Tools

Combining low code and Javascript can provide a much-needed time saver for developers.

Growing a Business

Artificial Intelligence Can Be Racist, Sexist and Creepy. Here Are 5 Ways You Can Counter This In Your Enterprise.

Today's entrepreneurs and innovators are exploring ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance efficiency, productivity, and customer service, but is this technology truly an advancement or does it introduce new complications by amplifying existing cultural biases, like sexism and racism?