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This State Ranks No. 1 for Bragging on Social Media Can you guess where people use social media to self-promote the most, and where the humblest people in America live? Take a look.

By Kate Taylor

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What's the social-media self-promotion capital of America? Well, California, of course.

A study by the user review-powered city guide app HeyLets examined which states had the greatest self-promotional tendencies. The company polled 2,500 social-media savvy Americans on their propensities to brag via social media. Topics of self-promotion ranged from special trips, like a Facebook album of vacation pictures, to work related good news, like that tweet about how "blessed" you are upon receiving a promotion.

Leading the pack with the highest percent of residents who frequently make self-promotional social media posts is California, where 77 percent of respondents frequently engage in self-promotion. For comparison, that's more than three times as much as the most humble state, Utah.

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Here's the list of the top 20 states most prone to self-promotion. Check out where you fall – and where to move to meet friends who won't clog up your newsfeed with photos of their anniversary presents.

1: California (77 percent frequently engage in self-promotion)

2: Washington (76 percent)

3: Nevada: (72 percent)

4: Maryland (70 percent)

5: New Hampshire (69 percent)

6: Illinois (67 percent)

7: Virginia (66 percent)

8: Oklahoma (64 percent)

9: New Jersey (60 percent)

10: New York (58 percent)

11: South Dakota (57 percent)

12: Delaware (57 percent)

13: Colorado (55 percent)

14: Alabama (55 percent)

15: Kentucky (54 percent)

16: Indiana (53 percent)

17: Georgia (52 percent)

18: Minnesota (52 percent)

19: Florida (51 percent)

20: Texas (51 percent)

Meanwhile, the 20 most humble are:

1: Utah (22 percent)

2: Oregon (26 percent)

3: South Carolina (33 percent)

4: Kansas (34 percent)

5: Arizona (34 percent)

6: Arkansas (37 percent)

7: Pennsylvania (39 percent)

8: Massachusetts (40 percent)

9: Rhode Island (40 percent)

10: Wisconsin (41 percent)

11: Connecticut (43 percent)

12: Ohio (44 percent)

13: North Carolina (45 percent)

14: Maine (46 percent)

15: Michigan (47 percent)

16: Tennessee (47 percent)

17: Missouri (48 percent)

18: Louisiana (48 percent)

19: Mississippi (49 percent)

20: Iowa (49 percent)

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Kate Taylor is a staff writer covering franchises for Related areas of interest include chain restaurants, franchisee profiles and food trends. Get in touch with tips and feedback via email at or on Twitter at @Kate_H_Taylor. 

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