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This Three-in-One Wireless Apple Charger Folds to the Size of a Wallet

Charge your Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods with this folding charger.

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More than 100 million people use Apple Watches. In the suite of smart Apple devices, smartwatches are both exciting and uniquely specialized both in function and in their care. You can use a Lightning cable to charge most iPads and iPhones, but Apple Watches need their own wireless charger that practically necessitates another purchase.


If you want to power your Apple Watch using the same device you use to charge your iPhone and AirPods, then grab the MagStack Foldable. This three-in-one charging station is compact and has a low impact on your work or living space.

A simple way to charge three devices wirelessly.

A disorganized space is a natural segue to stress and anxiety. Clutter is a common stressor, and cable clutter is as common as the multitude of devices the cables connect to. If you want to clean up your space or pack light for holiday travels, this simple charger offers three wireless charging spots and is compatible with a wide variety of devices. Charge any series 1 through 6 Apple Watch and any Qi-compatible phone or pair of wireless earbuds with this charger. Attach non-MagSafe phone cases or Qi wireless devices using the included MagSafe Metal Ring.

Snap and fold the charger into a triangular configuration if you want to use your phone and Apple Watch while they charge. When it's not in use, the MagStack folds into a three-inch square roughly the size of a wallet. This is a convenient way to create a viewing stand for your phone while you're travelling, and it's two fewer chargers to forget when you're packing up to head home.

Try a single charger for three smart devices.

Pack smarter for your upcoming travel plans. Rather than needing one charger for each of your smart devices, you could get a compact wireless charger that allows you to charge three devices at once. For a limited time, get the MagStack Foldable three-in-one Wireless Charging Stand for 35 percent off, the best price online.

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