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YouTube Superstar Baker Rosanna Pansino Says These Are the Key Ingredients to a Brand Loved by Millions She also gave us the inside scoop about how her brand new baking line came to be.

By Nina Zipkin

YouTube star and New York Times bestselling author Rosanna Pansino has parlayed her love of baking, as well as sci-fi and fantasy movies, TV shows and games, into a thriving brand.

Every Tuesday, she posts a new video for her show Nerdy Nummies, that teaches her nearly 9 million subscribers how to make treats such as Game of Thrones cupcakes, Wonder Woman cookies and Lego marshmallow pops.

Now, after over a year in development, Pansino has come out with her very own line of baking supplies in partnership with Wilton. Her aim is to create innovative shapes that had never been on the market before, and she hopes that the tools will help beginner bakers level up.

Pansino says that she has been using the company's products since she was a kid. Not only that, but on her very first Nerdy Nummies recipe, she used Wilton icing. So how did this full circle moment come to be? Years of hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.

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"The most common misconception that I have heard is that YouTube is super easy, it doesn't take any time and success happens overnight," Pansino says. "I have a lot of friends [who] are YouTubers and for none of them that perception is true. It takes a lot of hours, even if you're making short-form content."

For example, for a five- to 10-minute video that you might watch waiting in line or on your way to work, Pansino has put in 60 to 70 hours developing the recipe and the look of the final product -- for maximum cuteness -- several rounds of test baking and then finally prepping in stages to see how the treats are going to appear on camera.

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Pansino attributes her success to the fact that she has always stayed true to what she is most enthusiastic about. And she says that you can't build a genuine community if your own passion doesn't shine through.

"When I started creating content on YouTube, I didn't have a brand and I wasn't interested in building a brand," she recalls. "I didn't even know what that was. I was just creating content that I was passionate about. A brand started to form and I realized that a brand is just things that I value and I love. And those things can come naturally, you don't have to think about it too hard. I really value things that bring people together."

Check out the video above for more insights from Rosanna about building a business out of what you love most.

Nina Zipkin

Entrepreneur Staff

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Nina Zipkin is a staff reporter at She frequently covers media, tech, startups, culture and workplace trends.

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