8 Totally Weird Fast-Food Items That Everyone Is Talking About

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The Double Down. The Waffle Taco. The Pizza Cake. Love them or hate them, these weird fast food menu items are taking over chains and dominating social media.

Judging by the last week alone, it seems fast-food chains are in a fierce competition to see who can outdo the rest in terms of freaky food items. First, Domino's introduced Specialty Chicken, which swapped out pizza dough with fried chicken as the base for pizza toppings. KFC countered with the one-two punch of the prom-ready Chicken Corsage and the return of the calorie-clogging Double Down. Then, word spread that Canadian chain Boston Pizza had entered the wacky food ring with a Pizza Cake concept, in addition to the Pizza Tacos and Pizzaburger sliders already on its menu.

While many scoff at the wacky mashups and outlandish concepts, there is a reason why fast-food chains continue to brainstorm the quirkiest things: social media. A freaky food item is bound to spread across Twitter and Facebook like wildfire, giving fast-food companies a chance to garner the attention of the highly sought-after millennial market. There's more innovation in the world of fast-food franchises than ever – and that's a good thing.