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10 Money-Making Side Hustles Jobs You Can Start for Free or Cheaply Thanks to technology, what used to be hobbies are now opportunities to make extra income.

By Marsha Hunt

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Technological advancements have changed several aspects of modern society. For instance, having a side job is not a new concept. Thanks to technology, we can now choose from a huge variety of tasks that require different skills to help us make money on the side.

If you're looking to invest your spare time into profit-generating endeavors, finding a side job that you can do for free or cheaply might be an awesome solution. The great thing about these gigs is that you most likely already have the skills required to carry them out or you can learn them easily and at no cost.

To help you on your quest to find the perfect part-time gig, I've put together an article discussing 10 great side hustle ideas you can do for extra money, either cheaply or for free.

1. Build apps for companies.

The app revolution is in full effect, and with a lot of companies looking for chatbot developers, you can dedicate yourself to building apps in your free time. You may be thinking that building an app requires a lot of coding experience and technical knowledge, but thanks to platforms to help you, you can now build one in a matter of minutes. Moreover, it doesn't require any coding knowledge and the platform offers a visual interface. Since you can build apps for free, you can even practice until you feel confident enough to deliver quality work to clients.

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2. Become a YouTube personality.

Aiming to become a YouTube celebrity may seem laughable, but you don't have to star in your own blooper or give up your credibility to gain millions of followers.

Instead of building your reputation around a gimmick, you can provide helpful tips that range from DIY instructions to information about your industry. You could also offer additional resources or mention useful tools that viewers can use to solve their own issues.

Not only will you gain millions of followers, but becoming a personality can help you land sponsorships or sell ad spots on your videos, which leads to making money while you focus on your true calling.

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3. Take up photography.

Becoming a photographer doesn't require a degree or extensive studies. Instead of aiming to become a traditional, full-time shutterbug, you can specialize in providing stock photos and selling them online for royalties.

Digital cameras are now capable of providing quality photos. Even if they're not as flexible as professional equipment, these cameras can be used to take good pictures that may be sold by the hundreds or thousands.

You can always read photography blogs and learn tips on how to mimick professional artists, find the right angles, and create effects that add value to your shots.

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4. Drawing and media design.

If you're a drawing fanatic confident in your talent, try illustrating in your spare time. There are various industries that can benefit from a skilled illustrator, and the advantage is that you can draw by hand and use technology to communicate effectively with your clients.

If you learn how to operate design software, you can digitalize your ideas and provide a complete product. This means you can charge more money and use free and open-source software to edit and create imagery.

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5. Test applications.

If you own a smartphone, one of the easiest ways to make money in your free time is through app testing. You can find developers who need test users for certain applications; they're usually willing to pay good money for people to download an app, test it out, and leave a review.

The best part is you don't require a new phone, as developers are interested in testing apps on all types of devices and operating systems. At times, you may be required to purchase the application, but most companies will reimburse you for the cost of the app.

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6. Pet grooming and caring.

If you want to spend free time away from your computer and you love animals, getting into amateur animal grooming, pet sitting, and caring can a be a fun side hustle. Many pet owners look for people who can watch and walk their pets while they're at work, so you can make extra money by simply spending time and taking care of these animals.

You can also include washing and brushing as an additional cost; just make sure you use a quality shampoo that's healthy for both you and your furry friends.

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7. Write and sell ebooks.

If you have extensive knowledge about any topic, you can create eBooks that help readers who are interested in your area of expertise. From cooking to mechanics and self-improvement mechanisms, eBooks are an attractive and cost-effective way to earn some money on the side, without going through a publishing house.

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8. Paid reviewing.

There are many product manufacturers that look for users to review their products on ecommerce pages and on other websites. Not only can you make good money on the side, but these gigs usually introduce you to awesome products and superb inventions that can help in your office or home.

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9. Tutoring

If you have a knack for literature, mathematics or science of any kind, you can tutor kids, teenagers, and adults in your free time. This is a particularly attractive option if you work in an industry that revolves around numbers or technicalities like accounting, biology, law, economics, or marketing.

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10. Teach a language.

It's common for entrepreneurs to pick up and master a second language. If you know any languages besides English, you can provide courses that help others become fluent in that particular tongue.

Even if you are only fluent in English, you could teach English online or help foreigners who want to sharpen their conversational skills. If you know a language. but you're not confident in your teaching skills, becoming a translator might be a great alternative.

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Finding the perfect side hustle is about identifying your skills and dedicating yourself to the one that generates the most revenue. The ideas outlined above should help you get on track to find the ideal side job that's both profitable and affordable.

Marsha Hunt

Growth Marketing Expert

Marsha Hunt is a Growth Marketing Expert business advisor and speaker with specialism in international marketing.

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