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100 Things You'll Need to Know About in 2013 With 2012 very nearly in the rearview mirror, check out this list of what you are going to hear about, talk about and spend your money on in 2013.

By Catherine Clifford

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Are chia seeds on your grocery list? They could be next year. How's your privacy etiquette? Might be time to brush up.

The book is (almost) closed on 2012. Here is a list of the 100 things that could define your 2013, according to Ann Mack, the director of trendspotting at advertising agency powerhouse JWT.

Mack's 7th annual list, released today, below in alphabetical order, ranges from behavior to technology trends. Take a spin through and start scoping your future:

  1. 3D Bioprinting
  2. Adult Playgrounds
  3. African Tech Stars
  4. Allergen-Free
  5. Alternative Brand Currencies
  6. Ambushed by Amazon
  7. Appcessories
  8. The Arabic Web
  9. B2C/P2P Partnerships
  10. Bee Venom
  11. Biometric Authentication
  12. Blocking Social Media Bores
  13. Chia Seeds
  14. Click-and-Collect Shopping
  15. "Cloaking"
  16. Coaching Brands
  17. Cool Techie Camps
  18. Crowdsourced Translation
  19. Cutting out the Middleman
  20. Cyber War
  21. Dads in the Aisles
  22. Data Scientists: The New Hotshots
  23. Decline of Chinese Bling
  24. Desalination
  25. Detoxifying Life
  26. Digital Ecosystems
  27. Drones
  28. ecoATM
  29. Egg Freezing
  30. Emotion Recognition
  31. The End of Voicemail
  32. Faux Meat
  33. Fitness Beyond the Gym
  34. Flexible Screens
  35. Food Sharing
  36. Frontier Markets
  37. G20 Devolves to G-Zero
  38. Gender-Blurred Toys
  39. Geofencing
  40. Green Growth
  41. Handwriting = Hieroglyphics
  42. Hotels in Africa
  43. Human-Centered Tech
  44. Humane Food
  45. Hyper-Personalized Customer Service
  46. Impact Sourcing
  47. Imperfection
  48. Individual Attention
  49. Instant-Erase Apps
  50. JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out)
  51. Live-Streaming Life
  52. Low-Cost Robots
  53. Low-Tech Device Charging
  54. Media That Gets to Know You
  55. Medical Smartphones
  56. Menu-Free Dining
  57. Midcalorie Foods
  58. Mindful Living
  59. Mobile-Optimized Goes Mainstream
  60. MOOC Stars
  61. Nature As Antidote
  62. Neurotechnology
  63. New Digital Royalty
  64. News Bites
  65. NFC Tags
  66. Objects With Attitude
  67. Offset Thinking
  68. Online Groceries
  69. Paperless Education
  70. Passwords 2.0
  71. Patchwork Earnings
  72. Personal Data Ownership
  73. Prime Time for Second Screen
  74. Privacy Etiquette
  75. Quiet Products
  76. Reduced-Guilt Candy
  77. Responsive Web Design
  78. Retailers Enable Recycling
  79. River Cruising
  80. Self-Service
  81. Serialized Digital Fiction
  82. Set Jetting
  83. Shopping Hotels
  84. Social Media Hacks
  85. Standup Desks
  86. Stress-Monitoring Apps
  87. Sugru
  88. Tablet Shopping
  89. Tech-Enabled Farm-to-Fork
  90. Teff
  91. Trade School
  92. Trust Ratings
  93. User-Based Insurance
  94. Variable Pricing
  95. Vegetable Boxes
  96. Vertical Farming
  97. Video Games As Art
  98. Window Shopping
  99. Wireless Charging
  100. Yogurt Shops

    What trends do you think are going to be big in 2013? Leave a note below and let us know.
Catherine Clifford

Senior Entrepreneurship Writer at CNBC

Catherine Clifford is senior entrepreneurship writer at CNBC. She was formerly a senior writer at, the small business reporter at CNNMoney and an assistant in the New York bureau for CNN. Clifford attended Columbia University where she earned a bachelor's degree. She lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. You can follow her on Twitter at @CatClifford.

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