6 Steppingstones on Your Path to Stardom Always be networking. Entrepreneurship is a people driven adventure.

By Timothy Sykes

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What is stardom? It depends who you ask. To me it means being recognized as an authority in your niche no matter what it is. But what is the essence of fame and fortune? It may seem unattainable to reach "celebrity status" in your given field, but it's not as hard as you may think.

1. Know what you're doing.

Nobody is ever truly famous just for being famous. Even Kim Kardashian has more to offer than her looks. She's a master of social media and getting herself in the right places to stay current on the hottest trends. She has capitalized on industries including the digital media space and makeup space. This is not by chance, this is by design

Whatever you want to do, you need to position yourself as an expert and thought leader in that space.

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2. Move with the times.

Study your niche at all times to keep up with the changing trends in your industry. You will never become an expert if you stay in the dark. I study daily to make sure I can notice the signs of forthcoming change. I can't predict the future, but due to my studies I can adapt to it quickly. Read blogs, videos, attend webinars and learn from those around you to stay current.

The key is not to read the future but to move faster than the rest of your competitors. That's what keeps you current.

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3. Build a better whatever.

Nothing is original. Everyone who's good at anything takes aspects from various different successful people. Do that and you'll become a star; that's how you break new ground.

Take aspects of the people you want to emulate and combine them into something more powerful and unique. Follow the experts in the glossy magazines like a hawk then add in your own twist. Take a look at every musician that has ever been inspired. They've incorporated riffs, tunes and styles from the masters like Queen, Elvis Presley and the Beatles to create something new and refreshing.

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4. Have a plan and repeat It.

Inconsistent efforts are never going to make you a star. You must have a plan, and stick to it with tedious vigor and repetition.

Study the efforts of YouTube celebrities like PewDiePie. He follows a plan that involves releasing new content consistently, posting on his various social media channels on a regular basis, but also having the flexibility to adjust to new fads that come up. Consistency is the key to staying relevant and making people believe in you. There's a reason why people are obsessed with YouTubers like PewDiePie, Vanoss Gaming and Jacksepticeye.

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5. Be present in the wider world.

Why is this so important? It's vital for collaboration. You never know what sort of trend you can latch onto. It's easy to become obsessed with what's going on in your niche while ignoring everything else. Take some time away from your bubble to become inspired by something else, if only to gather more fans. You need to be everywhere. Don't just preach to the choir, as it were.

I don't just sit in an office all day. I travel the world and I always have a varied range of projects going on to boost my profile and to satisfy my passions.

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6. It's about who you know.

Few people become famous organically. You need to know the right people. It could be a record executive, a smart businessman, someone who knows someone influential, or just someone who teaches you a vital lesson. The point is that no matter where you are in your journey you always need to be networking. This is a people driven adventure.

Timothy Sykes

Entrepreneur and Penny Stock Expert

Timothy Sykes is an entrepreneur and a penny stock expert, trader and advocate. He has been featured on CNN, Fox News, CNBC and more. Watch his media appearances and speeches on Youtube here.

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