8 Startup Events and News to Watch This Week Get the 411 on crowdfunding from General Assembly, Denver's Galvanize wants you to code for a cause, Nashville gets KEEN on entrepreneurship, TechCrunch brings the Startup Battlefield to Berlin. This week's notable news and startup events for entrepreneurs.

By Brad Crescenzo

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At its annual event, the Empact Showcase will host and<br /> celebrate more than 100 young entrepreneurs at the<br /> United Nations.

Get the 411 on crowdfunding from General Assembly, Denver's Galvanize wants you to code for a cause, get educated at Business Insider's Startup University, Nashville gets KEEN on entrepreneurship, TechCrunch brings the Startup Battlefield to Berlin at Disrupt Europe… This week's notable news and startup events for entrepreneurs:

1. Crowdfunding and you: General Assembly is offering a class about crowdfunding for "artists, inventors, entrepreneurs and everyone else." Instruction will cover social media and online platforms like Kickstarter or AngelList, as well as an industry overview, and "practical steps" to launching your own successful crowdfunding campaign. (Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 21)

2. Code for a cause: Head down to Galvanize, the Denver based startup incubator, for a beer and a night of casual coding at their Civic Hack Night. This event is perfect for programmers looking to gather and code, or hack new civic tools for social good. Some of the applications on the table are DenverWiki, Shareabouts, Adopta, OpenBike and more, but you're welcome to bring your own projects as well. (Denver, Colo. Oct. 22)

3. Opening a restaurant, boiled down: SCORE New York City is offering a workshop on the oh-so-popular topic: opening a restaurant. From concept to permits to location, the restaurant biz is as complex as it is rewarding. Get an inside track. (New York City, Oct. 22)

4. VCs and Angels convene in NYC: Sign up for the FundingPost's Venture and Angel Event, where actual investors will teach participants how to meet, pitch and get funding for early-stage startups. (New York, Oct. 23)

5. Get educated at Startup NYC: Business Insider has re-tooled its annual Startup NYC event, now offering a "Startup University" through General Assembly. Choose from 15 classes to occupy your morning, then stick around for some high-level talks from industry experts. (NYC, Oct. 24)

6. Nashville is KEEN on entrepreneurship: Keeping Entrepreneurs Engaged and Networking, or KEEN, is gathering an "eclectic and exciting group" of founders, innovators and tastemakers for its inaugural event. This B2B/B2C conference aims to help broker connections between entrepreneurs, customers and media professionals. (Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 24)

7. Young Entrepreneurs Making an Impact: At its annual event aimed at highlighting successful startups and young entrepreneur-led companies, Empact will host more than 100 entrepreneurs at the United Nations. Tune in to the Empact Showcase for speakers and panelists including Jeff Hoffman the founder and former CEO of Priceline.com and Ben Rubenstein of Yodle. (NYC, Oct. 24 – 25)

8. TechCrunch Disrupts Europe: Don't miss the opportunity to experience Disrupt Europe, where 20 of the world's most innovative startups will debut their products at the Startup Battlefield in Berlin. Highlights also include an international hackathon, and the Startup Alley expo where early stage companies can strut their stuff in front of fellow treps and investors. (Berlin, Oct. 26 - 29)

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Brad Crescenzo is a freelance writer in New York.

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