Are You Afraid Of Losing Money?

Why being afraid of financial disaster can make it happen

A certain amount of trepidation is healthy and can keep youcautious enough to avoid making serious mistakes. But too much cankill your business before it even gets off the ground, Take thisquiz to see what sort of unconscious messages you're sending.Mark each statement as true or false:

  • My spouse or children depend on me to be successful.
  • I have slim savings and assets to fall back on if I don'tpull in the cash I need every month.
  • I have significant household and business overhead expenses tomeet every month.
  • If I don't significantly improve my performance or sales, Ifear I'll go out of business.
  • I think prospects can sometimes tell how desperate I feel whenI pitch my product or service.
  • I experience insomnia because I'm worried aboutfinances.
  • My spouse (or in-laws, parents or business partner) is upsetabout our financial situation and is giving me a hard time.
  • I worry about extremes, like losing the house or my spouse,even though that's highly unlikely.
  • When I lose one sale or a prospect says no, I panic about notbeing able to earn the money I need.
  • The more desperate my financial situation, the harder it is toprospect, because my self-esteem falls into the gutter.

If one to three of these statements are true, your fear offinancial disaster is manageable but may be inhibiting yoursuccess. If you marked between four and seven of these statementstrue, you can count on losing sleep over financial worries. And ifmore than seven are true, you're too desperate to be effectiveprofessionally. Stabilize your finances before trying to depend ona small business for a living.

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