Here's How I Started the Business That Appeared on 'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch' Recess & Results is a faith-based kids fitness program and turn-key business opportunity.

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Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch invites ambitious entrepreneurs to step into the Entrepreneur Elevator, then gives them just 60 seconds to pique the interest of a group of judges. It's a high-pressure, fast-paced environment in which startup founders need to race against the clock while maintaining their composure to make a clear, deliberate pitch that covers at least three essential components:

  1. Defining the company
  2. Making the request
  3. Specifying what the investment money will be used for

The investors watch the pitch via a video livestream while the elevator ascends to the boardroom floor. Once the 60 seconds are up, the judges vote on whether to open the doors or send the founder back down and pass on investing.

The fifth season of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch offers a dynamic change in the show's format. Before, our four judges needed unanimous agreement to make an offer to the pitching entrepreneurs ⁠— including three out of four "yes" votes just to open the elevator doors. Now, it only takes one investor to open the doors and one judge to make an offer. The panel of four can then choose whether they want to collaborate or compete against one another.

Episode 9 featured Beth Vasquez, the founder of Recess & Results, who was kind enough to detail her experience on the show below.

Entrepreneur: What is your company's elevator pitch?

Vasquez: Recess & Results is entertaining exercise for kids, and a praiseworthy paycheck for people with passions for faith, family and fitness.

We are the only faith-based kids fitness program and turn-key business opportunity on the market. Our virtual platform houses training modules, lesson plans and program guides, and essential business resources that transform our partners into confident, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and kid and family fitness experts.

Individuals with passions for faith, family and fitness partner with us for a low, one-time investment of just $249 and small recurring monthly partnership fee of $49. They complete the self-paced training online via our platform, and can be ready to launch their own Recess business in their community in as little as one week.

The demand for children's activities have skyrocketed, making the industry one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy.

  • 46 percent of parents spend more than $1,000 per year on their child's activities,
  • 81 percent of parents believe that the amount of money they spend on their child's extracurricular activities is in direct correlation with their development, thus parents spend on children's activities regardless of financial difficulty making it a recession proof business.

Kids are unhealthier and unhappier than ever before. As obesity, anxiety, depression, rise, parents are desperately seeking ways to build healthy habits, confidence and character in kids in a way that is fun for them.

Recess & Results provides a unique, Christ-centered option for increasing your income on your own terms. Whether working part-time, full-time, or sometimes, not only can you earn a wage that matches your worth, you will grow personally and professionally while serving God alongside a family of believers on a mission to "save the world, one recess at a time".

Why did you choose to start this business?

Working in both the fitness industry, and on the corporate side of the mid-level marketing (MLM) industry, I noticed an obvious demand for kids fitness programs and side-hustle opportunities and the lack of faith-based options in both areas. As a Christian mom, I intentionally look for opportunities to grow my faith and keep my family healthy and happy. As a career woman I felt the stigma of discussing faith at work and felt the pressure to keep career as the No. 1 priority. My priorities of faith, family and fitness (in that order) didn't fit corporate America and I knew I couldn't be alone. RR was the answer for me and from my work in the MLM industry, I knew I could turn it into an opportunity for others as well. The programs Recess & Results offer sell themselves, making it easy for our partners to be successful.

How was your experience in the elevator during Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch?

The overall experience was life-changing and a turning point for me in business. Lasting relationships were built that day, and my faith in God's plan for my life through this business was strengthened. A mindset shift occurred as a result of this experience and the conversations I was blessed to have that allowed me to 4x my business growth in the month that followed.

Were you more or less nervous than you expected?

"Nervous" I can handle, and I believe a little nervousness is a good thing! However, I was definitely more emotional than expected!

Any surprises?

The timer counting down in my face surprised me. I practiced my pitch for time, but never staring at a countdown. But more than that, the genuineness of everyone on the crew and from the executive at Entrepreneur surprised me in the most amazing way. The authentic desire to help us be successful beyond just the filming of the show (and even after I didn't get off the elevator) was unexpected but immensely appreciated.

If you could do it over again, what would you change?

I have zero regrets! I wouldn't change this experience because I needed everything to happen as it did to teach me the valuable lessons I learned. That said, if I were to come back to the show for a second time, I would restructure my pitch to paint a better picture of the industry landscape and trajectory, and talk more about the proprietary resources we offer our owners to ensure their success with their new Recess & Results business. I would also practice my pitch with distractions all around me to enhance focus.

What did you learn from this experience that you will bring to your next pitch meeting?

Where do I start? I learned mental resilience, business strategy, gained focus and clarity in what a good pitch is made up of, and was also reminded that there is a purpose for every step in the journey. I did not walk away with a deal from the investors, but the personal, professional, and spiritual development was worth far more. God showed up so many times through this process and His presence was undeniable. I can walk into the next pitch meeting knowing that when I come prepared and do my best for God, He is there with me doing the rest, and I trust the outcome is in His hands.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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