Hit Your Financial Goals With Superb Service You'll get much better results improving your service that you will cutting your prices.

By Grant Cardone

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People will pay more for service than they will for the product. How can you do this? You can start by going to the client, rather than the client coming to you

I sent out 14 emails for a watch for my wife once and got 14 email replies. The guy who was two blocks from me didn't just come to me and try to deliver the product and get the sale. Providing options is a great way to serve someone. Calling people back now with urgency, intention and interest -- not procrastinating -- is another way to up your service. Sending gifts, flowers, notes, birthday cards, just dropping by to say hello -- that is all service. A big smile, full attention, a great attitude, running -- not walking -- is great service.

How can you better serve people? Creatively think about what your competition won't do. Here are some points to consider today:

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There's no value in dropping the price.

What do you get for a lower price? Minimal service and bad attitude. Elevate your level of service so that your customers don't want to shop other places. You can up your service by paying attention to the one you're with, from start to finish. Don't be sending texts to someone else. It's not professional to be doing other stuff while you're with a customer. You need to show them how important they are to you. Give all of yourself to the customer you are with because if you chase two rabbits at the same time both are going to get away. Commit to the one you're with.

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Don't allow for interruptions.

Turn your phone off when you are with a customer live so you can give 100 percent attention. They will see that you are with them all the way regardless if they are being distracted, taking calls and interrupting. Too often in life people feel neglected. You will make them feel special if you give 100 percent of you, your attention and your focus. People are more valuable than money. Remember, in sales you have to serve people, not just sell them.

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Ask for the sale.

No matter how much you serve, you will still have to ask for the sale and close. Serving a customer includes closing them because unless you make the sale, the customer will not benefit from the product you sell.

Most people don't buy the first time you ask. The moment you quit asking, the deal is dead. Be willing to hard sell. I don't mean that they are hard to sell. Nor am I talking about pressuring someone, although I can if it's needed. Be willing to get to the hard place in the close where people get uncomfortable.

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Be persistent.

Most salespeople don't want to experience any kind of negative emotion. You have to be willing to be persistent. When you reach hard sell status, you become so convinced in your product, your service, your deal, that the only thing that takes care of your buyer is to close.

I'm not too radical, I just want to make my dreams come true. About six billion people on this planet have dreams and great ideas, who want to work for themselves and get rich. This place of the hard sell is where you know your service is superior, you know your product is right and you are willing to stay in the deal even if it gets uncomfortable. Be willing to insist -- this is an art form.

In truth, closing is like a recipe. You have to know what to say, and it has to sound natural. This doesn't mean you need to become rote in your responses, but you do need a formula for handling things. It's like a recipe. If you're making a meal, you combine certain ingredients and cook it at a certain temperature, then you get what you anticipate with the recipe. Change one thing and the recipe changes.

The same is true with closing.

The more you get used to handling people's objections and stalls, the more natural you will begin to sound. It's like the grandma who made fudge without even looking at the recipe. She'd done it so many times she didn't need to look in the book. She knew what to do so it was automatic.

If you were going to give a press conference to the world, you would prepare and practice. You'd rehearse until you sound natural. If you don't know the recipes, you are not going to be a great salesperson and you won't give superb service. You have to know what to do and say when people give you objections. Drilling and practice will give you confidence.

Grant Cardone

International Sales Expert & $1.78B Real Estate Fund Manager

Grant Cardone is an internationally-renowned speaker on sales, leadership, real-estate investing, entrepreneurship and finance whose five privately held companies have annual revenues exceeding $300 million.

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