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Chair And Chair Alike? Sitting down on the job? Choose your work chair carefully with our reviews.

Now that sitting has become such an integral part of theworkday, finding the right chair can mean the difference betweencomfort and misery-both mental and physical. At least you'vegot a variety to choose from. Some of the new office chairs aresleek and modern, while others offer traditional, conservativelines. And yet all share an emphasis on ergonomics-a requirement inany chair you choose. With that in mind, we've reviewed threechairs that are sure to add a little comfort and style (or both) toany office:

  • The TAS, by Haworth Inc. The TAS, similar in design toconventional office chairs, maintains ergonomics as its toppriority. It comes in three sizes, so it's sure to fit mostbody shapes and sizes. Other features include an adjustable tilttension that accommodates various user weights and an adjustablebackrest that supports the spine. Its most unique feature, however,is that it allows for side-to-side movement, in addition to forwardand back-thus encouraging body movement, or "activesitting." Available in leather or cloth, the TAS can be foundat Haworth dealers nationwide. For more information, visit http://www.haworth-furn.com.
  • The Aeron, by Herman Miller Inc. The innovative Aeronsports an original, industrial-style design and boasts totalversatility. And like the TAS mentioned above, the Aeron comes inthree sizes for people of different heights. Tilt dynamics supportyour body in all postures as it moves throughout the day, fromforward tilting to reclining. Unlike typical chairs thatincorporate fabric-covered foam, the Aeron uses a special materialcalled Pellicle, which adapts to your body's shape and preventsuncomfortable increases in skin temperature. For more information,call (800) 646-4400 or visit http://www.hmstore.com.
  • The ZACKBACK, by ZACKBACK International Inc. Developedby a physical therapist, the ZACKBACK, weighing in at a hefty 60pounds, claims to reduce or eliminate back and neck pain in users;it has a success rate of 78.6 percent. It features two adjustablesupports fitted above and below the lower back, which prevent youfrom slumping. The ZACKBACK also properly aligns your head, neck,upper back and shoulders, prompting proper breathing and use ofyour abdominal muscles. The armrests, meanwhile, adjust in fourdirections. Supported by a 10-year warranty, the ZACKBACK comes ina variety of colors. To order or obtain more information, call(800) SITTING or visit http://www.zackback.com.

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