Meet the Techstars NYC 2015 Winter Class

The latest group of New York startups has been chosen by Techstars. They are worth watching.

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By Jason Saltzman


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I LOVE mentoring young companies. Focusing on solving other companies' issues is very theraputic for me. It gives me a chance to get away from my own problems. I recently had the privilege of meeting the new Class of Techstars 2015. Some of the companies that graduate from programs like this will be the products and services that make our lives more awesome.


BentoBox provides mobile­-optimized websites and digital-marketing tools for restaurants. Think of website templates but only for restaurants, with helpful tools to scale their businesses.

CEO Krystle Mobayeni email:

Cartesian Co

Cartesian enables rapid electronics prototyping with a desktop 3D printer for circuit boards. This is incredible. You can print motherboards in your own home, people. Wholly crap.

CEO Ariel Briner email:


DataCamp is an online data science school that uses video lessons and interactive coding challenges. Big data is huge, and learning this skillsett can save you a fortune.

CEO Jonathan Cornelissen email:

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Goods of Record

Goods of Record is an online marketplace for artisan men's goods, made only in America. Humans of New York meets Jackthreads. One word; LEGIT.

CEO Sathish Naadimuthu email:

PRO TIP: I am a lead mentor for this company. The team is very solid and they have a really great vision. I am super excited to be working with them.


IrisVR builds software to share, edit, and visualize 3D models in virtual reality. So you can take a basic cad file, drag and drop it into their software, through these ridiculous glasses and see the design in virtual reality. Holy Lawn Mower Man,Batman!

CEO Shane Scranton email:


Keymetrics is a software ­as­ a­ service monitoring solution for Node.js. According to my good buddy Anthony Tumbioli of the development shop JAKT, Node.js is a newer cool developer language that is progressing into a big player in the building apps game. This service allows developers to monitor issues in real time. Whatever gets those apps to work more efficiently, I am all for it.

CEO Alexandre Strzelewicz email:


Localize helps translate your website with one line of code.

If you are launching your business in different languages and you have a website you NEED to check this out NOW.

CEO Brandon Paton email:

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LSQ is a rapid software development platform for Node.js. I again had to ask my buddy Anthony about this one. He said, "Basically you normally build a website locally. Then when you want someone else to see it, you need to deploy it. Deployments can be a bitch. This company makes it makes it much easier". I am all for easy.

CEO Antonio Pellegrino email:


Pilot is a new kind of Internet provider, delivering ultra-­fast fiber-optic Internet to businesses with no contracts and a 100 percent uptime guarantee.

Say bye bye Time Warner, there's a new kid on the block and he is bad ass!

CEO Joseph Fasone email:

Spoon University

Spoon University is a food network for the next generation, where all the content is produced by college students. A community of foodies… awesome. These are some of my favorite people, check them out now.

CEO Mackenzie Barth email:


Stream is a web service for building scalable newsfeeds and activity streams in hours instead of weeks.

Whoever tried to build their own newstream integration knows that it a huge pain in the ass. These guys make it a simple as can be. Bravo.

CEO Thierry Schellenbach email:

Unique Sound

Unique Sound is a marketplace that helps brands, ad agencies, and video producers get original and affordable music directly from composers.

Custom music people: If you are working on a project that calls for custom music, look nowhere else. This is BANANAS.

CEO Romain Cochet email:

I want to wish the teams all the success in the world and I hope that you check out each and everyone of these companies and take a look at our amazing future. HUSTLE ON.

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Jason Saltzman

Startup Mentor, Entrepreneur, CEO of Alley

Jason Saltzman is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in sales and marketing. Through his role as CEO of Alley and as a TechStars mentor, he advises hundreds of startups, offering real-life practical application and creative marketing advice.  

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