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This Real Estate Hack Will Make Selling A Property Easier in 2023

As the recession rages on, use this real estate hack to sell more properties.

Real Estate

6 Real Estate Strategies to Use at Various Stages of Your Investing Career

All real estate investors know, there isn't a single strategy for investing. Explore six great strategies to fit your investment goals at various stages of your investing career.

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Airbnb Says Black, Hispanic & Asian Travelers Have Lower Booking Acceptance Rates Than White Travelers

The rental platform released a review of its efforts to fight discrimination and candid data on the barriers non-white travelers face on Airbnb.


The Retail Real Estate Market Is Growing. Here's Why That's a Big Win for the Franchise Industry.

Here's how the franchise industry can benefit from the resurgence of the retail real estate market.

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Real Estate

7 Tips for Writing Engaging Listings for Your Rental Property

Discover seven tips for writing, organizing and posting rental listings that help generate traction online and fill vacancies fast.

Real Estate

7 of the Most Common Mistakes Made By Beginner Real Estate Investors

Don't fall into these seven common pitfalls of the real estate sector.

Real Estate

This Tech Is Transforming Real Estate and is Creating a Major Market Opportunity

Smart home technology is disrupting real estate, presenting a significant market opportunity for designers, builders, entrepreneurs and investors.

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The 5 Types of People You Need To Start a Business

Building a quality team can be challenging, but these five members are crucial to your success.

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'I Literally Had to Beg': Influencers Say NYC Landlords Aren't Renting Them Apartments

In a tight real estate market, even social media stars who earn six figures are finding it hard to land an apartment in the Big Apple.

Real Estate

How Real Estate Investors Can Prepare for 2023 in 4 Easy Steps

After two years of turmoil in the real estate market, we are all looking forward to seeing what 2023 will bring. Here are the four most important trends to expect in the real estate industry next year.

Real Estate

5 Major Deal Points to Know Before Signing a Lease

If you want to rent a space for your business, watch out for these five dealbreakers.

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A Serial Entrepreneur Is Buying the Oregon 'Goonies' House for $1.7 Million

"Of course, no one gets in unless they do the truffle shuffle," the new buyer joked.

Real Estate

Do You Need Real Estate Training to Succeed? Here's What You Should Consider.

If you are thinking about getting into real estate in the long term, relying on luck or instinct is not the best option. Indeed, not everyone succeeds in this business and the risks are up to thousands or even millions of dollars.

Real Estate

Saving vs. Investing: Which Is Better?

So which is better, saving or investing? Well, the answer depends on your short-term or long-term goals. However, if there is one mistake you can make when deciding between the two, it's heavily relying on only one — especially if you choose the "savings" option.