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Looking into real estate? Whether you're investing in commercial real estate or are a first-time homeowner, discover details on the real estate market, here.

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U.S. Treasury Makes a Bold Move to Combat Money Laundering — And Home Buyers Could Be Affected

The U.S. Treasury is targeting corrupt buyers by requiring the disclosure of true property owners in an effort to curb money laundering through real estate transactions.

Real Estate

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building Wealth Through Real Estate

Through tangible examples and success stories, let's explore the lucrative potential that lies within real estate, empowering entrepreneurs to make informed investment decisions.

Real Estate

7 Fundamental Concepts to Grasp When Leasing a Retail Space

By learning and understanding these industry basics before starting the leasing process, you'll be better equipped to navigate the complexities of commercial retail leasing.

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The Top 6 Factors Affecting Investment Property Value

Here are six factors you should pay attention to the most when establishing the value of a property for potential investments.

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There Are Way Too Many Real-Estate Agents

A glut of mediocre Realtors is screwing over homebuyers.

Real Estate

The No. 1 Thing Wealthy People Want in Luxury Real Estate, According to a 'Selling Sunset' Agent

It might come as no surprise that affluent buyers want "to have as much as they can" — but another key factor really sways their decision.

Real Estate

How to Utilize Exclusive Rights and Use Clauses in Commercial Real Estate

From use clauses to tenant-landlord agreements, knowing your rights in commercial real estate is vital.

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Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Real Estate Transactions? Here's What You Should Know.

Discussing cryptocurrency's influence on the real estate industry and what the future may look like.

Real Estate

How To Build a Strong Real Estate Brand Online and Increase Trust With Clients

Real estate professionals face unique challenges online. Building a stand-out brand is key to overcoming those obstacles and turning your agency into the go-to in your market.

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What Landlords Need to Know About Automated Rent Payments

Transitioning to automated rent collection? This comprehensive guide walks landlords through the benefits and considerations of adopting autopay.

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I Filmed a Luxury Real Estate Show for Netflix. Here Are 4 Business Lessons I Took Away From the Experience.

The star of 'Buying Beverly Hills' offers key takeaways from his experience shooting season one, along with advice primed to benefit entrepreneurs in just about any industry.

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The Benefits of Contrarian Investing — and How It Can Be Applied to the Real Estate Market

Let's discuss the concept of contrarian investing, its benefits, and how to successfully apply it to the real estate market.

Growing a Business

How to Use Online Rent Collection to Enhance Transparency and Foster Better Relationships With Tenants

Discover how online rent collection can ensure security, enhance clarity and foster better relationships with tenants — all while streamlining your business.

Real Estate

How to Start Investing in Real Estate With as Little as $5,000

Getting started with real estate investment might be easier than you think.