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The Only 10 Slides Needed When Pitching Your Business (Infographic)

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Once you've come up with a idea that you believe in, the next step is getting investors to believe in it, too. You need to pitch your idea in a way that's interesting and informative -- and quick.


Renowned entrepreneur should know a thing or two about what it takes to successfully pitch investors. He's been an evangelist for and an advisor for 's division, he's founded multiple companies, including Garage Ventures -- the a firm that invested in and Tripwire. Now, he wants to teach you how to pitch an idea that gets results.

He says a pitch only needs 10 slides and should have 15 at the absolute max. Beyond the Title slide -- the one with your company name, title and contact information -- you'll need a , a go-to market plan and an analysis of your competition. Of course, your potential investors will also want to know what your timeline is and how their funds will be used, among other vital information.

Check out the infographic below that originally ran on Kawasaki's website to see what slides you need, and the order that you need to show them. A little of his expert advice could go a long way.

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The Only 10 Slides Needed When Pitching Your Business (Infographic)

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