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Top 10 Online Book Clubs For Entrepreneurial Inspiration Joining a book club and reading frequently can have a huge impact on your success as an entrepreneur.

By Marsha Hunt

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Joining a book club and reading frequently can have a huge impact on your success as an entrepreneur. Online book clubs help you cope with the stress of day-to-day life and can polish certain skills that you will need in your quest to become successful.

How can online book clubs benefit entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs usually consider reading as a hobby, so they tend to put it on the back burner and forget about it altogether. However, reading itself can help enhance communication skills, reduce stress, improve mental agility and improve your focus and concentration. Most entrepreneurs read books about their industry but it's important to read broadly. Novels, poetry, short stories and biographies stimulate your brain, allowing you to easily understand different opinions and perspectives.

Online book clubs encourage reading through social interaction with people on the same wavelength. Book clubs connect you with peers who have the same interests. You can build a network of valuable contacts while you learn more as a group. Online book clubs allow users to interact with like-minded peers through chat and messaging apps, such as Slack. This is my list of the top online book clubs for entrepreneurial inspiration.

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Read With Entrepreneurs

Read with Entrepreneurs is an awesome book club for both young and experienced businessmen and women. The book choices and discussion topics revolve around setting up a successful business with limited resources, as well as other setbacks entrepreneurs often face. Books are recommended and discussed on a monthly basis through a online community, and it encourages all participants to give their individual take on how to set up and run a successful startup in a wide range of industries.

Read With Cynthia

Read with Cynthia offers a great take on modern business models and effective strategies that entrepreneurs can apply in order to grow quickly. The titles discussed will help you build a successful startup and understand the different elements that can affect your business. Group discussions through a online community will help you explore ideologies that can help you:
  • Create successful SEO and digital marketing campaigns
  • Find creative ideas for content
  • Learn how to approach other entrepreneurs professionally
  • Grow your business
  • Find motivation
  • Learn more about yourself and your industry

Read With Marketers

There are not many marketing-centric book clubs out there, so Read with Marketers offers a great option for entrepreneurs looking to polish their marketing skills. This popular marketing onlie book club also offers discussions via Slack, allowing members to interact with mediators and other members on their own terms. Read with Marketers provides independent book recommendations based on new business books that are making a splash. By reading and discussing titles such as Growth Hacker Marketing Revised and Expanded and Everybody Writes, this book club can help you pick up tips and ideas for your next marketing campaign.

Get It Girl Book Club

Becoming a successful woman in male-dominated industries is a huge challenge, so finding like-minded female entrepreneurs is not a common occurrence. The Get It Girl Book Club offers a refreshing option for business women who want to connect with other female entrepreneurs. Their discussions are carried out through an online community and encourage women to share tips on:
  • How to increase productivity
  • Finding inspiration
  • Overcoming common pitfalls faced by female entrepreneurs
  • Handling the financial aspect of your business
  • The ins and outs of entrepreneurship
  • Setting up effective communication channels
  • Increasing sales

Read With Murray

Read With Murray, dedicated to anything and everything entrepreneurial. From inspirational stories to biographies, educational texts, and other nonfiction books, it covers an array of titles that will help you grow personally and professionally. Its's aim is to create meaningful connections and host thoughtful discussions that work as an inspiration to entrepreneurs around the world.

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Motivation Book Club

Many entrepreneurs are lacking inspiration. The Motivation Book Club can help young and seasoned entrepreneurs find motivation by reading and discussing titles on professional and personal development. The Motivation Book Club is free to join and hosts book discussions through an online community.

Productivity Book Club

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often need help finding and managing capital. The Productivity Book Club helps you identify opportunities. Discussion with fellow businessmen and women helps you figure out the best options for you. The Productivity Book Club offers the perfect set of no-fluff books to help you increase productivity while encouraging you to change your habits and cultivate both your personal and professional skills.

Read With Leaders

Leadership roles are among the most desired in any company and are not easy to fulfill. Read with Leaders can help leaders, and those aspiring to fill leadership roles, handle the pressure that comes with higher management positions. Read with Leaders also discusses tips on how to set up companies and make the leap to success. Read with Leaders is a great club for startups and small businesses, but has also proved to be a useful asset for seasoned managers and leaders. The discussion groups consist of leaders who share their thoughts on how to inspire their teams, cut costs, and generate more revenue.

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Personal Branding Book Club

Branding is one of the biggest aspects of modern marketing campaigns, and the Personal Branding Book Club can help you achieve this ultimate goal. The premises for personal branding are easy to understand, however, most companies struggle to create an image and become a household name. The titles read in the Personal Branding Book Club can help you create a strong initial connection with your audience, teach you how to nurture the relationship and allow you to create a name for yourself and your company.

Money Book Club

All companies, regardless of industry, are concerned about increasing revenue and making money. The titles discussed in the Money Book Club help motivate entrepreneurs who are short of inspiration, offering ideas on how to assess and understand your market properly. In addition to this, the Money Book Club will help you discover your true passion and allow you to discuss books with fellow entrepreneurs that can provide you with the motivation and drive to get started.


Joining a book club will not only help you polish your reading skills and exercise your brain but can also help you achieve success as a professional. These 10 book clubs help you bring out your creative side and provide entrepreneurial inspiration when you least expect it.
Marsha Hunt

Growth Marketing Expert

Marsha Hunt is a Growth Marketing Expert business advisor and speaker with specialism in international marketing.

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