What's <i>Your</i> New Year's Resolution? We compiled the best entrepreneurial resolutions for 2009.

In the face of layoffs, low consumer confidence and the sluggish economy, it pays to count your blessings of the last year and mark your goals for 2009. In light of the tough times ahead, we asked our community of entrepreneurs what their resolutions are for the New Year. Here's what they had to say:

My resolution is consistent improvement and to build quality relationships (business and personal). Another is to make more of a social difference via volunteering with social agencies and educational facilities. Giving more of myself to the improvement of society may bring business or not, but it will build positive relationships while making a little impact.

Will Peters
The Anstad Group
North Carolina

My resolution has not changed much in the last few years. It's basically to educate as many small-business owners as I can and help them survive in this crazy economy of ours. I truly don't care if I make only a few dollars or even lose money on some clients occasionally--I get my high from helping others.

Earl Sigmund
New Business Learning Center

One of my resolutions is to network with companies that may not have a direct connection with my company's field. I intend to use these networking opportunities to expand on ideas that would benefit myself and what I would hope to be a new, loyal and long-lasting business relationships.

Darrell Lee Jr.
Lee's Building Maintenance

Work the plan. A rolling 90-day action plan is critical. I intend to keep it on my desk and use it as part of my daily activities. I'm going to update my daily activities needed to achieve the plan and make sure they're checked off. I'm going to involve my kids in the rewards system so they will help make sure I follow the plan.


I plan to open my first group home in February or March. The home will provide housing, programs and services to parenting and pregnant teens. This year, I'm just planning to get it open and filled.

Nancy Shannon

My resolution is to take a bad situation (being laid off) and use it as a great opportunity to build a thriving business. I want to empower others who've been laid off to stop feeling like the victim of a bad economy and to start doing something about it.

Greg Digneo
The Startup Network
New Jersey

Be more diligent about organizing my receipts. Generally, they get shoved into my purse and they disappear into the black handbag abyss.

Eydie Stumpf
Eydie's Office

I plan to get organized and stay organized. That way I can generate more leads and build a network of clients/customers. Having everything in order in my office helps me think better.

Tanisha Johnson
Pleasantly Entertained
New Jersey

My resolution is to add value to my customers and maximize their spending dollars. I would like to network with automotive suppliers.

Terry Tan
Agrader Autohub

I am trying to get out and network more. I also want to mail out more flyers and do some cold calling and door knocking.

Cindy Freland
Maryland Secretarial Services

My business resolution is to help at least 20 people open a new business. I figure if everyone helps someone else this year we can all help stave off the economic issue, right?

John Henning
United Franchise Connection

I hope to live better, be stronger, wiser, and more involved in my community and the people around me.

La Wanda Beulah
IMPress Business Services

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