Burger King

Burger King is sued for misleading advertising on the size of its products

It is not the first time it happens. False advertising seems to be a common practice among fast food chains.

Why Boycotting Franchises Operating in Russia Might Be Misguided

Confusion over the franchise business model is causing consumers to lash out at several big brands, but the truth is it's complicated.

Scott Greenberg

Esta es la razón por la que Burger King sigue operando en Rusia

Las 800 sucursales de la cadena de comida rápida siguen operando en territorio ruso. Hay una explicación para ello y aquí te la explicamos.

This Is why Burger King Continues to Operate in Russia

Eight hundred branches of the fast-food chain continue to operate on Russian territory, but there is an explanation for it.

Burger King Is Making Major Changes to 2 Fan-Favorite Menu Items in an Attempt to Combat Inflation

The company's largest franchisor is making some not-so-beloved changes in an attempt to offset labor and commodity inflation.

Emily Rella

Burger King Reveals Major Changes for Its Whopper and Other Menu Items

Burger King parent company Restaurant Brands International revealed the changes on an earnings call.

Chloe Arrojado

Burger King Is Selling Iconic Menu Item for Less Than a Dollar

The Whopper turns 64 this month, and the chain is celebrating in a major way.

Emily Rella

Burger King está vendiendo un artículo de menú icónico por menos de un dólar

The Whopper cumple 64 años este mes, y la cadena está celebrando de manera importante.

Emily Rella

McDonald's Will Offer Beyond Meat McPlant Burgers in 8 U.S. Restaurants for a Limited Time Next Month

The collaboration, still in its early stages, will also roll out in several international locations.

McDonald's ofrecerá Beyond Meat McPlant Burgers en 8 restaurantes de EE. UU. Por tiempo limitado el próximo mes

La colaboración, aún en sus primeras etapas, también se implementará en varios lugares internacionales.