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Cleantech Startup Fluid Analytics Raises USD 1.6 Mn Led by Pravega Ventures

California-based startup, which also has an office in Pune, aims to use the raised funds to execute a global scale-up expansion by deploying solutions with positive environmental and public health impact, starting with a focus on North America.


How To Spend One Perfect Day in Santa Barbara

From beaches to bites: A 24-hour guide to sun-kissed shores of The American Riviera.

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In-N-Out Burger Is Opening New Locations Outside of California — Here's Where It's Going Next

The popular burger chain celebrated its 75th anniversary last month.

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'Some Folks Were in Tears Watching It Crumble': Mysterious Fire Destroys Historic WWII Blimp Hangar

The cause and origin of the fire is under investigation.

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Someone In California Just Won the $1.73 Billion Powerball Jackpot

The winning numbers of the second-largest jackpot in Powerball history were drawn.

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An LA Thief Cut a Hole In Store Roof and Stole $600,000 of Fine Wine. 'Like Something Out of 'Ocean's Eleven.'

The wine crime was one of the largest in California's history.

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'I Was Scared.' A Crazed Sea Otter Keeps Attacking Surfers in Santa Cruz.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services warn the 5-year-old female otter is 'aggressive,' but her behavior has bizarre family roots.

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Uber Eats Deliveries Are Flooding a Los Angeles Neighborhood — Except No One Knows Who Placed the Orders

Residents of L.A.'s Highland Park neighborhood are once again the target of dozens of unsolicited Uber Eats orders. The "annoying and somewhat disturbing" mystery is gripping the city.

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7 of the 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in the U.S. Are in One State

A new report by U.S. News found that San Diego is the most expensive city to live in for 2023-2024, followed by Los Angeles. New York City didn't even rank in the top 10.

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Walmart Is Paying $500,000 in a Settlement for Allegedly Selling an Illegal Item on Its Website

"The settlement we have reached with Walmart makes crystal clear that online retailers are responsible for what they are allowing to be offered for sale," Attorney General Rob Bonta said in a statement.

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A California Beach Town Just Banned Balloons. 'I Hope This Will Change the Way People Think.'

The Laguna Beach ordinance is the latest in a growing trend of coastal communities enacting bans on balloons, a danger to wildlife.

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'The Whole Store Started Shaking:' Santa Rosa, California Earthquake Wreaks Havoc for Local Businesses

The 4.4 magnitude quake caused merchandise — including top-shelf liquor — to fall from the shelves of stores and markets.


Tesla dice que California tiene la intención de demandar a la compañía

Tesla dice que la demanda parece centrarse en la actividad en su planta de Fremont, California.

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Tesla Says California Intends to Sue the Company

Tesla says the lawsuit appears focused on activity at its Fremont, Calif. plant.


Elon Musk habla sobre extrañar a sus mejores amigas después de mudarse a Texas

En una entrevista con Babylon Bee, el CEO de Tesla también cubrió temas como el metaverso y las ambiciones de su compañía de dulces.