Women Franchise Owners Fear the PRO Act

Franchising helped them become small business owners, and they don't want to be forced back under the corporate thumb.

Kim Kavin

Parents and Caregivers Say PRO Act Would Harm Their Families

In professions as wide-ranging as truckers and editors, there's fear that the PRO Act's ABC Test would destroy the freedom needed to raise kids and help aging parents.

Kim Kavin

Small Business Owners Fear the PRO Act's ABC Test

The PRO Act's ABC Test threatens mutually beneficial relationships with independent contractors

Kim Kavin

Older Women Say PRO Act Unfairly Targets Them

The law would force many independent contractors to become employees, which many older women say would be disruptive to their careers.

Kim Kavin

How to Write an Email Subject Line That Could Get You Promoted

Corporate VPs get so much email, they can't possibly read it all. Here's how to cut through the clutter and impress them.

Why Entrepreneur Stands Against the PRO Act

The Protecting the Right to Organize Act could do lasting harm to the small-business and franchise community.

Ryan Shea

What Is The ABC Test, And How Could It Harm Freelancers and Independent Contractors?

Solopreneurs, franchise owners and small business owners who hire independent contractors have serious cause for concern.

Kim Kavin

This Legal Change Could "Severely Disrupt" Franchising. Learn About the PRO Act's Joint-Employer Standard

Industry experts say the PRO Act legislation would dramatically change liability rules.

Kim Kavin

Do you want to work at Google? The tech giant is looking for talent in Mexico for its new hub in CDMX

Google is recruiting engineers in cybernetics, systems, application development, data management, telematics and telecommunications for the new Google Cloud technical support center that will open in Mexico City.

Our Global Reset Inspired Female Entrepreneurs to Pivot, and You Can Do the Same

As an entrepreneur, your life and business can be deeply and constructively connected.

Rikke Hundal

The Job That Set Up John D. Rockefeller to Become a Business Titan

Offshore accounting has opened opportunities for a practicing accountant to turn into a thriving entrepreneur.

Chirag Koshti

Why Ryan Reynolds Says "You Can't Be Good At Something Unless You're Willing To Be Bad"

Actor Ryan Reynolds now runs one of the hottest marketing agencies, Maximum Effort. Here's what he's learned about trying new things.

Jason Feifer