Udemy's Massive Training Archive Can Lead You to the Career You Want

The online educator offers more than 183,000 video courses packed with hard- and soft-skill training.


Is a Marketing Degree Worth It in the 2020s?

Five insider factors to consider before committing.

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Following our vocations means expressing our multi-dimensionality in terms of interests, skills and passions.

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Eighty-two percent of people believe that robots can support their career better than humans

Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow: Is it a Trap, and Have You Fallen into It?

A quote long attributed to Confucius: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life." Is that a load of baloney or not?

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Career Trauma Is a Real Thing. Here's How to Recognize and Recover From It.

Toxic workplaces are harming the health and mental well-being of many workers. In recent years, more people have spoken out about these dangers -- inspiring hope that we might finally be able to make a difference for those who suffer from workplace trauma every day.

3 Reasons Why Career Choices Are More Important Than Ever

Why is your choice of career more important than ever before? First, we must consider various factors, all of which should contribute to the decisions concerning our professional journey.

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4 Signs That It's Time to Change Jobs

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You may have heard that everyone will have to code in the future, but the reality is more complicated.

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How Howard Schultz Turned an Entry-Level Sales Job Into a Coffee Empire – And a Net Worth of $5.7 Billion

The former Starbucks CEO first worked at a ski lodge. His next moves were both serendipitous and strategic.

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How the PRO Act Threatens High-Skill Careers

Lawmakers say the bill is about "gig workers," but in reality, it targets interpreters, translators, financial advisers, bookkeepers and more

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