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Aurassure Raises INR 4 Crore In Seed Funding

The funds raised will be deployed to strengthen product capabilities, acquiring product certifications, and sales team expansion


The Great Post-Covid Recession Was Never Real — It's All Media Hype. Here's Why.

For months, we heard the buzz about an impending recession. But a few weeks ago, the references to a looming economic disaster suddenly stopped. Why is everyone so quiet?

Green Entrepreneur

When Will We Finally Put Our Money Where Our Food Grows?

With solutions within reach, additional funding can go a long way to turn the corner on shoring up sustainable food sources.

News and Trends Secures INR 6.4 Million In Funding

The fund infusion will fuel's growth and accelerate the development of its cutting-edge product portfolio focused on carbon accounting and sustainability reporting needs

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Java Capital And Capital A Announce Climathon'23

The initiative offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs building the climate tech space to pitch their early-stage startups for up to $1 million in investments


Bad Weather Won't Ruin Your Vacation Anymore — One Company Will Pay You to Enjoy It Rain or Shine

Nick Cavanaugh founded Sensible Weather to solve an all-too-common problem and bring awareness to climate change.


Archireef: Using 3D Printing to Save the Coral Reef Ecosystem

Archireef combines expertise in marine biology, and the latest technologies in 3D printing techniques, and material science to create artificial habitats that are best suited for threatened marine life.


FortyGuard: Proprietary Analytics Enabling Effective Cooling For Cities

FortyGuard actually started out as a materials science company in 2020, before becoming a data company.


How AirCarbon Exchange Simply And Effectively Streamlines Carbon Trading

AirCarbon Exchange brings a traditional commodities-based architecture to the voluntary carbon market underpinned by a custom built and proprietary digital architecture.


Green Future Project: Simplifying Climate Action Through Collective Action

Green Future Project provides a platform for individuals and businesses who want to gain access to effective climate solutions, and empower them to have an active role in reversing climate change.

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Climate-Smart Deeptech Company Ecozen Raises $25 Million

Ecozen will leverage Nuveen's experience in scaling impact-oriented businesses to augment its commercial offering, and the funding from India Exim Bank will support the company towards its export-related activities


Por qué las startups españolas de edtech y climatetech van a América y muestran el camino a seguir en la región

Los ecosistemas de España y Latinoamérica comparten más que solo un idioma: su colaboración cada vez más estrecha en los ámbitos de la educación y la lucha contra el cambio climático está demostrando que el potencial es más grande de lo que todos imaginamos.

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Incofin India Progress Fund Invests INR 45 Crore In Mufin Green Finance Limited

The fund raised will be used for financial inclusion and climate efforts

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Environment Services Provider Climes Raises $1.2 Million Funding

Raised funds would be used to build digital infrastructure and incentivise market players