Elon Musk

Elon Musk is richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett put together

The businessman consolidated his fortune and now owns $ 236 billion.

Elon Musk had some (surprisingly kind) words for William Shatner before spaceflight

Shatner became the oldest person to arrive in space on Wednesday.

Emily Rella

Elon Musk Relists Silicon Valley Home at Discount

The home disappeared from Zillow last month after first being posted for $35 million in May 2020.

Prince William Slams Space Billionaires, Says We Need to Focus on Saving Earth

In an interview with BBC that aired early Thursday, the Duke of Cambridge spoke of "a rise in climate anxiety" among young people whose "futures are basically threatened" by the climate crisis.

Amanda Breen

Elon Musk Hosts a Rave For 9,000 People to Celebrate the Opening of Tesla's Berlin Gigafactory

The celebration comes despite protests from locals over the factory's existence.

Chloe Arrojado

Jeff Bezos tweets 'don't let anyone tell you who you are' and Elon Musk responds with a second place medal

Friends, rivals, or both? We don't know yet. But, Musk has not missed opportunities to "play pranks" on the founder of Amazon.

Tesla holds a festival at its Gigafactory in Germany and opens its doors to the general public

Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy music, attractions, games, and a tour of the facilities.

Musk Moves Tesla Headquarters from California to Texas

"I'm excited to announce that we're moving our headquarters to Austin, Texas," Musk told the company's annual meeting on Oct. 7.

Elon Musk says 'dying to make an electric and supersonic VTOL jet'

What will be the next industry in which we will see the founder of Tesla?

Tesla shareholders to vote to oust Elon Musk's brother

The company's investors will debate proposals aimed at forcing Tesla to be more transparent and accountable in its relations with its employees.

Shiba Inu Coin Jumps 65% After Elon Musk Tweets About His Dog

The Dogecoin-inspired token goes crazy following Musk's tweet.