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Startup Spotlight: Sarwa Aims To Make Investing Easier For Rookie Investors In the Middle East

The startup's primary aim is to make investing easier not only for first-time and younger investors with little experience in investing, but even for those who know about investing

Aalia Mehreen Ahmed

· 3 min read

Five Ways Entrepreneurs Can Enhance Their Productivity With Essentialism And Deep Work

Essentialism and deep work are powerful habits that can help you reflect on how to manage your time and energy in life. Merging these two ideas can transform your experience at work and in life. 

Dhiren Harchandani

· 7 min read

Crafting Connections: Dubai-Based Tech Startup GetBEE Is On A Mission To Humanize The E-Commerce Retail Sector

By using GetBEE's software, a retail or luxury brand can have its sales experts engage directly with consumers online, the way they would in a physical store, and have them guide the consumer from start to finish.

Aalia Mehreen Ahmed

· 10 min read

Applications Now Open For Microsoft And ADIO's GrowthX Accelerator Program

The GrowthX Accelerator Program aims to link the solutions offered by B2B startups to the challenges faced by corporations.

Entrepreneur Middle East Staff

· 3 min read

Five Lessons From Running A Startup Business Through A Global Pandemic

It's probably never easy to run a business- however, it can be harder than usual when you are trying to do it in the throes of a global crisis.

Deyan Dimitrov

· 4 min read

Startup Spotlight: Dubai-Based Startup Student10x Wants To Be A One-Stop-Shop For Student Supplies In The UAE

From computer electronics that aid students in being better prepared for online classes, to various subject textbooks, Student10x, which is a part of in5's community of startups in Dubai, aims to work together with schools to provide students with school supplies at affordable prices.

Aalia Mehreen Ahmed

· 5 min read

Reclaiming Our Voices: The Rise Of The Female Storytellers

There are several reasons why women in leadership roles, both as clients as well as service providers is beneficial, but when it comes to the bottom line, the simple fact remains, that diversity among leadership is better for business.  

Zainab Al-Deen

· 7 min read

Sound Choice: Switch WS-Ultra 60W Wireless Speaker

The speaker has a powerful 60W output with two full range drivers and two bass drivers for an immersive listening experience.

Tamara Clarke

· 1 min read

Due Diligence, Digitized: Dubai-Based Startup Diligend Is Working Towards Simplifying Decision-Making For Investors Through Its Centralized Platform

A part of in5's community of startups in Dubai, the firm offers fund due diligence for investors and consultants, monitoring of fund managers, as well as research management and customer relationship management.

Aalia Mehreen Ahmed

· 6 min read

Dubai-Based Insurtech Startup Sehteq Appoints Dr. Hazem Al Madi As Managing Director As It Looks To Gain A Larger Foothold In The MENA Region

With the appointment of Dr Hazem Al Madi as its new Managing Director, Sehteq is all set to enter a new chapter in its growth trajectory.

Entrepreneur Middle East Staff

· 3 min read

We Are What We Repeat: How To Make Building Habits (And Achieving Success) Feel Effortless

Habits are routine behaviors that we adopt and practice, often without even being aware of them. What is fascinating about them is that when done right, they enable you to propel yourself towards success- on autopilot!

Marcus Smith

· 6 min read

Meet The Dubai Startups Cutting Waste With Science

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, environment-friendly laboratories, and a solar-powered community park with green spaces nearing completion, Dubai Science Park is a district focused on healthcare, energy and the environment.

Entrepreneur Middle East Staff

· 8 min read