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Why Your Mental Health Is Key To Your Survival In A Family Business

A look at why one of the most effective interventions to mental health issues can be found within the family itself, especially in places like the MENA region and India.

TAQADAM Tales: Saudi Arabia-Based Vetwork Is On A Mission To Make Pets Healthier (And The Lives Of Their Owners Easier)

Built as a platform that provides in-home as well as online services for people with pets, Vetwork was launched in early 2019, and is now looking to further its services in the telemedicine sector.

Doing What You Love: Musings On Entrepreneurship

"They say that if you love what you do, then you will never work a day in your life. I don't know if that's entirely true, because I find myself working 10 times harder at what I love doing."

TAQADAM Tales: Saudi Arabia-Based Miqyas Has Its Sights Set On Providing Online Sizing Options For Fashion E-Commerce Retailers

Built as a software as a service (SaaS) platform, Miqyas helps online fashion retailers precisely measure clothing sizes for customers.  

Women To Watch At GITEX Global 2021: Yong Hua Lin, founder and CEO, V-Origin Technology

In her current role at V-Origin Technology, Lin is figuring out how AI can be used to transform traditional industries like agriculture and manufacturing.

Tamara Pupic

Dubai-Based Irish Startup P4ML Aims To Help Save The Lives Of Millions Of Newborn Babies

What if there was a way to detect potential rare diseases in a newborn by creating a "digital twin" of the baby at birth? That's pretty much what P4ML is attempting to do, with its offering aiming to help save the lives of millions of newborn babies.

It Ain't Over Till It's Over: This Is Not Your Rock Bottom Moment

No matter how devastating it feels like in the moment, and regardless of all the odds that seem to be stacked against you, none of it signifies that it's curtains for whatever you set out to do.

Aby Sam Thomas

For Your Eyes Only: BenQ Eye Care Monitor GW2480T

The GW2480T is designed with students in mind, but it can give a health conscious boost to any work setup.

Tamara Clarke

TAQADAM Tales: Rehla Car Aims To Solve Saudi Arabia's Intercity Travelling Woes

By providing ride-sharing, ride-hailing, parcel delivery, booking in advance, and tourism trips all in one platform, the startup is aiming to become the next super app of the region.

Women To Watch At GITEX Global 2021: Dr. Sara Al Madani, Serial Entrepreneur

As a female entrepreneur, Al Madani believes her strong convictions and beliefs in her work and ideas have protected her from any gender-based setbacks in the industry.

Tamara Pupic

TAQADAM Tales: Biotech Startup Wayakit Is Creating Organic, Non-Toxic Products That Will Help Make Travel Safer

The female scientists and founders duo behind Wayakit explain how the COVID-19 crisis led to a business pivot, which ultimately opened doors to new sectors such as the aviation industry.

Restoring Hope: Landmark Amman Founder Mary Nazzal Is Doing Her Part To Revitalize Jordan's Business Landscape

Envisioned as an innovation hub that will support Jordanian startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurial individuals in the tourism and hospitality sectors, Nazzal hopes to attain two primary goals with Landmark 2.0

Tamara Pupic