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Wheelocity Raises $12 Million In Series A Funding

The company aims to leverage the fundraise to build new product offerings in farm side operations, helping its current customer base to scale rapidly and at the same time drive efficiencies within the fruits and vegetables supply chain

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My Cloud Kitchen Joins Hands With NVA Foods, Launches $1.23 Million Corpus

The joint venture will leverage its expertise such as in-house capabilities of brand building, vendor tie ups, menu engineering, inventory management and so on

Thought Leaders

Entrepreneurship Means Generational Independence. These Leaders of a 115-Year-Old Family Business Are Honoring the Past and Building for the Future.

Joyva's third- and fourth-generation leaders Richard Radutzky and Sandy Wiener know that respect, customer service and innovation go a long way towards growth -- and they're using that to pave the way for the brand's exciting future.

Business News

The Food Industry and Its Future Are Critical to Our Economy

When was the last time you took a minute to think about how food gets to your table? Why not start now?

Starting a Business

No Kidding! Healthy Snack Market for Children is Big

Harshavardhan S, Co-founder and CEO, Lil Goodness on taking a bite in kids snacking space


Owners Reveal The Secret Sauce Behind Successful Indian Restaurants Abroad

Whether it is heading the biggest tech companies globally or becoming the go to eating joints in spots all over the globe, the Indian influence is everywhere. And when you're far away from your country and spot a familiar brand serving some of your desired dishes, you approach it with a special kind of joy.

News and Trends

Happy Nature Raises INR 6 Crore In Pre-Series A Funding

The fund raised will be used to focus on the startup's branding, marketing and customer experience


Born In The UAE, Conquering The World: AWJ Investments Is Going Places With Co-Founder And Group CEO Manhal Naser

With the launch of his flagship restaurant Operation:Falafel's first international branch in New York, Manhal Naser gets candid on what business growth, leadership, and Middle Eastern cuisine mean to him.

Thought Leaders

How These Food Entrepreneurs Went From Barely Staying Afloat to Having Hour-Long Lines

Irvin Gunawan, founder and CEO of IRVINS, discusses the launch and explosive growth of his family's snack brand.


Fiber: The Next Food Industry Macrotrend

Why food brands should pay more attention to the most overlooked macronutrient

Buying / Investing in Business

Meet the Chef-Inspired Robotic Kitchens That Can 4X Restaurant Profits

Driven by robotics, Nommi can make food bowls that taste just like a four-star chef made them. And they're ready to expand.

Thought Leaders

"I Am Not a Diversity Quota," Says the Founder Disrupting the Dessert Category

Here are three lessons Najwa Khan has learned in building her better-for-you brand.

Thought Leaders

This Filipino American Founder Is Disrupting the Beverage Aisle by Introducing New Flavors to the Crowded Bubbly Water Market

Here are three lessons Sandro Roco has learned in bringing Asian flavors to the industry for the first time.


Four Years Ago, This Chick-Fil-A Started Paying $17 An Hour. It Transformed the Business.

Back in 2018, Eric Mason made headlines when he began paying his employees a "living wage." On this side of the great recession, his experience could be a roadmap for other fast food franchises.

Thought Leaders

This Founder is Starting a Breakfast Revolution by Reinventing One of America's Favorite Foods

Here are three lessons Aimee Yang is learning as she builds BetterBrand.