How much will Elon Musk's internet cost you in Mexico?

Starlink, the billionaire's satellite internet provider, obtained permission from the IFT to provide service in Mexico for 10 years.

Alto Nivel

The original code from the World Wide Web will be auctioned

The auction house Sotheby's has organized the auction of the original code that was created by the British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee.

The story of the global internet blackout that affected Amazon, Reddit, Twitch and others

A blackout caused many failures on various Internet sites, Fastly took responsibility for the problem and tells the story of what happened.

What is Wi-Fi 6E, the 6GHz band that Mexico wants to declare as 'free spectrum' to have faster and less saturated internet

The new generation of WiFi 6E is about to arrive in Mexico with between 1 and 3 Gbps of speed. The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) wants to declare it as 'free spectrum' for all compatible devices.

Elon Musk's SpaceX signs alliance with Google Cloud to offer satellite internet with Starlink

The agreement between SpaceX and Google strengthens its position to compete against the Amazon cloud service and the Kuiper Project, as both go for the cominium of the satellite internet.

6 Easy Tips to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

A slow connection can, in the long run, seriously hurt your business.

3 Reasons Our Lives Online Are Here to Stay

Life is gradually returning to something that looks more like normal, but our attachment to online communities will remain a fixture going forward.

Matt Cooper

The Man Behind This Hilarious 2012 Meme Just Sold It as an NFT for $36,000

Nine years after Kyle Craven became the talk of the internet, he now has the last laugh.

Justin Chan is Plotting Its Takeover

"It is clear that we can now become a dominant player on the internet," says Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami.

Nick Vasco

How to Make Money Online

Determine your strong skills and sell them. You can do just about anything online.

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