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Unicorn India Ventures Announces First Close of Fund III At INR 225 Crore

With this Fund, UIV aims to build a portfolio of 25 startups that are focused on global SaaS and digital platforms

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Anicut Equity Fund Receives Investment of INR 50 Crore From SIDBI FFS Initiative

The Fund of Funds for Startups (FFS) is an INR 10,000 crore initiative launched under the Startup India Initiative of the Government of India in January 2015

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Indian Edtech Sector: Funding Dips In 2023, No New Unicorns So Far, 70% Decline In Acquisition And More

The report further revealed that most of the funding into Indian edtech startups in 2023 so far was secured in the second quarter

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Amazon To Invest $15 Million In Nature-Based Projects In India

Amazon's direct contribution will enable CWS to partner with 2,000 family farms and plant 300,000 trees over three years, stated the company

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ITC To Invest INR 1500 Crore To Set Up Food Manufacturing And Packaging Plants

The company said that the two projects will be spread over an area of nearly 57 acres and will give a boost to agricultural and manufacturing sectors in the state

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Meet The Founders Revolutionizing How Users Access Investments

Getting into investment markets has for much of human history been a feat only the privileged few could manage.

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Alternative Credit Platform BlackSoil Invests Over $30 Million In 17 Deals

According to an official statement, the Company's asset under management (AUM) grew 50% year-on-year

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Women's Wellness Brand Inaari Secures INR 4 Crore Investment From

The funds from this investment will be channeled towards further developing Inaari's product range and strengthening its presence in the women's wellness market

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Third Edition Of DDay: 23 Startups Raise a Total Of $80 Million

As per the press statement, DDay 3 saw the participation of 23 startups across industries and more than 700 investors

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Bhumi Pednekar Joins EcoSoul Home As Investor And Brand Ambassador

Through this collaboration, the actor and climate warrior Bhumi Padnekar will further advocate for conscious consumption and the importance of choosing environmentally friendly alternatives to single use plastics

Growing a Business

I've Served Small Businesses for More Than 10 Years — Here Are 3 Investments to Consider That Will Help You Succeed

Here are key areas of investment to help entrepreneurs transform their business operations and catapult their business growth.

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BGMI-Maker KRAFTON Targets $150 Million Investment In India

With this investment, Krafton aims to nurture local talents, foster innovation, and propel India into the forefront of the global gaming industry

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Gujarat-Based Rogue Opportunities To Invest INR 25 Crore In Indian Startups

Rogue Opportunities has fostered strong collaborations with over 200 angel investors and family offices in Gujarat

Real Estate

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building Wealth Through Real Estate

Through tangible examples and success stories, let's explore the lucrative potential that lies within real estate, empowering entrepreneurs to make informed investment decisions.

Money & Finance

I Turned $583 into $10 Million. Here's How I Did It and 5 Lessons I Learned Along the Way

Sure, you want to roll your eyes when you hear "day trading." But, I turned the loss of my father and graduating college during the Great Recession into motivation to carve my path in life and do things differently from most.