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Centre Launches 'Venture Capital Fund' to Boost Tribal Entrepreneurship

Under VCF, tribals will be able to avail investments between INR 10 lakh to INR 5 crore for up to 10 years and concessional finance at 4 per cent p.a with women and disabled getting capital at 3.75 per cent


Why Your Portfolio Needs Multi-Cap Funds

Multi-cap funds invest a minimum of 25 percent in each of the categories of funds across market capitalization i.e., small cap, large cap and mid cap.

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Grow Your Savings with This $25 E-Learning Bundle on Stock Trading Strategies

This deal is available now through February 4.

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UGRO Capital Raises $30 Million from Asian Development Bank Via NCDs

Listed on NSE and BSE, UGRO had assets under management worth INR 83,638 million as of December 2023. Over the last five years, it has raised a total of INR 91,378 million in Equity and Debt from diverse institutional sources

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Infographic: India in 2023 Saw the Lowest Funding in 5 Years

The last quarter (Q4) recorded the lowest funding of $957 million to date, marking it the lowest-funded quarter since Q3 2016. The decline is primarily due to the biggest drop in late-stage funding, by over 73% to $4.2 billion in 2023 from $15.6 billion in 2022


Paradigm Shift: The World Simply Can't Afford To Make Unsustainable Investments Anymore

There is an increasing relevance in sustainable investments amid climate change risks, with many aspects aligning with good business practices.

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Demystifying Spot Bitcoin ETFs

Bitcoin ETF are pooled investments, which trade on stock exchanges, much like stocks, and track the price of Bitcoin directly. With an ETF, you only own shares of a fund that has made investments in Bitcoin rather than Bitcoin itself. One is able to buy and sell throughout the day


Redefining Capital's Purpose: The Evolution Of Impact Investing

Discover the evolution of impact investing and its potential to create inclusive economies and foster sustainable development.

Starting a Business

Buying a Business? Make Sure It Checks The Boxes On This Checklist Before You Pull The Trigger.

Every business opportunity comes with its share of drawbacks and risks. Your task is to identify these issues, understand them and determine if you can work with or solve them.


The State Of Play -And The Road Ahead- For Startups And Investment In The GCC

A look at the trends that made 2023 a rare "off" year for the GCC startup community, and where startups can fund themselves in 2024.

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Is Your Opinion of Day Trading Accurate? Take This Quiz

Everyone has an opinion about day trading. Let's separate the myths from the realities.

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NIIF's India-Japan Fund to Infuse ₹400cr in Mahindra & Mahindra's Last-Mile Mobility Business

According to the details released, IJF will infuse INR 400 crore at a valuation of up to INR 6600 Crore. This strategic investment will see IJF's ownership ranging between 6.06% and 8.25% in MLMML


"We Got Funded!" KSA-Based Healthtech Startup Clinicy Raises An Undisclosed Seven-Figure Series A Round

By creating a more coherent ecosystem, the Clinicy team believes that their startup could create a more digitally agile medical industry within the Kingdom.

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Why the Private Sector, Not Public, Must Continue to Lead Impact Investing

Private financial institutions and organizations have both money to invest and the motivation to generate a return on double-bottom-line investments, making them the ones who drive the real results in impact investing.


How to Invest Smartly in 2024?

Entrepreneur India spoke to the titans of the financial industry on ways to invest smartly in 2024. Here's what they have to say