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McDonald's Made a Simple Change to a Cult-Favorite Menu Item. Now, the Sandwich Is a $1 Billion Brand.

The crispy chicken sandwich originally debuted on menus in 2021.


McDonald's Just Announced 'Free Fries Fridays.' Here's How to Get In On the Deal.

The fast-food giant is giving away its most popular item—with a few conditions.

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Accusing Wendy's and McDonald's of Size Exaggeration in Ads

The judge wondered if the plaintiff had even seen the advertisements in question.

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Why Are Mysterious McDonald's Deliveries Showing Up on Random People's Doorsteps?

Residents of a neighborhood in Denton, Texas have received more than 20 DoorDash deliveries of McDonald's meals that no one ordered.

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Opening a New McDonald's Franchise Will Be More Expensive in 2024

Starting January 1, franchise royalty fees will rise from 4% to 5% for new locations in the U.S. and Canada.


McDonald's lanzará una nueva cadena de restaurantes derivada de un querido y nostálgico personaje del pasado

En junio la compañía tuvo mucho éxito con otro antiguo personaje: Grimace.

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McDonald's Is Launching a Spinoff Restaurant Chain Based on a Beloved, Blast-From-the-Past Mascot

The company saw a lot of success with another former mascot, Grimace, in June.

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McDonald's Sales Surge Following Grimace Shake TikTok Take Over

The 52-year-old character went viral while promoting the Grimace Shake.

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Chairs Bought Off Facebook Marketplace Were Probably Stolen From McDonalds: 'I Always Wondered Where They Were From'

One woman is going viral after making a shocking discovery in a South Georgia McDonald's.

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Woman Allegedly Finds Box Cutter in Daughter's Happy Meal, Now Filled With 'Worry and Rage'

A Michigan woman posted the photos to Facebook with her claims.

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I Applied to McDonald's and 4 Other Fast Food Jobs, but the Chatbots and Automated Process Made it Impossible for Me to Get Hired

"The jobs that made me apply with AI chatbots left me annoyed and uncertain."

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McDonald's Apparently Sells Sheet Cakes and the Internet Is Very Confused: 'I Feel Like I'm in a Parallel Timeline'

The cakes come in two flavors with Ronald McDonald printed on the top.