McDonald's Just Launched Its Loyalty Program. Here's How to Make Yours Succeed.

These three tips will help your franchise roll out its loyalty program.

VIDEO: Did all the workers at a McDonald's quit in the middle of the day?

As one TikTok user shows, a McDonald's in California was forced to close when all of its employees left their jobs at the same time.

Woman Goes Viral After Epic Super-Sized Brawl With McDonald's Employees

One disgruntled McDonald's customer in Ohio certainly wasn't "Lovin' It" when it came to her experience at a Ravenna restaurant.

Emily Rella

Judge rejects lawsuit against McDonald's for racial discrimination

Two brothers accused the fast food chain of awarding African Americans establishments in less favorable locations.

Attention ARMY! The BTS band combo is now available at McDonald's Mexico

The combo will consist of 10 mcnuggets, a medium soda, some French fries, and two new sauces: Cajun and chili.

One McDonald's Location Has Gotten so Desperate For Staff That It's Offering a Free iPhone to New Workers

The new incentive comes at a time of turbulence between McDonald's and its employees.

Emily Rella

What People Don't Realize About the McDonald's Strikes

The minimum wage conversation is a lot more nuanced when franchisees are involved.

Manish Vakil

In the face of employee shortages, McDonald's will raise the salaries of its staff, but only in the US and not all

A few weeks ago, the fast food chain complained that 'no one wants to work anymore'. Now, it will increase salaries by 10% to avoid staff turnover.

McDonald's Franchisees Blame Hiring Challenges on Unemployment Benefits and Say an 'Inflationary Time Bomb' Will Force Them to Hike Big Mac Prices

The National Owners Association, an independent group of McDonald's franchisees, sent a letter to its members on Sunday that blamed hiring challenges on the "perverse effects of the current unemployment benefits."

Kate Taylor