Mark Zuckerberg le da una calificación perfecta a McDonald's en Japón: "Denles una estrella Michelin"

Pese a ser una persona fit, el fundador de Facebook es fan del restaurante de comida rápida, pues necesita comer más de 4,000 calorías diarias.


McDonald's Dives Into Anime Craze — And Flips Its Golden Arches— with WcDonald's Event

McDonald's celebrates anime culture with "WcDonalds," a unique, limited-time event featuring custom manga packaging and themed menu items.


McDonald's New Drive-Thru Concept CosMc's Skyrockets in Popularity — Particularly Among One Age Group

Explore the unique strategy behind CosMc's, where McDonald's is merging its time-honored, iconic brand with a fresh, modern twist.


Burger King Is Upping its Rebrand Strategy With a $1 Billion Acquisition. These Franchise Resets Could Tell Us About the Fast Food Giant's Chances of Succeeding.

Discover the details behind RBI's strategic acquisition of Carrols Restaurant Group, a move that represents a significant step in a broader campaign to rejuvenate the Burger King brand, and compare it to past major franchise rebrands.

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Jason Kelce Surprises McDonald's Employee With Signed Jersey Amid Retirement Rumors: 'Just When We Thought We Were Done Crying'

The Philadelphia Eagles Center visited the Broomall, Pennsylvania restaurant on Wednesday.

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McDonald's Is Bringing Back This Supersized Menu Item and Fans Are Divided: 'I Might Camp Out In The Parking Lot'

The Double Big Mac will start rolling out to U.S. restaurants on January 24.


Photos Leak of McDonald's New Space Age Spinoff Restaurant 'CosMc's'

The mega fast food chain is experimenting with a galactic-themed restaurant, drawing inspiration from an alien character featured in its 1980s commercials.

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McDonald's Is Making a Major Change to Its Burgers in 2024

The beloved Big Mac will also be getting a big makeover.

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You Could Own a Pair of McDonald's Themed Crocs – But it Will Cost You

McDonald's worked in collaboration with Crocs to create four unique clogs with matching socks and charms.


He Grew Up in a McDonald's Dynasty Then Swapped Big Macs for Lash Extensions. Here's How He's Bringing the 'McDonald's Framework' to the $1.6 Billion Lash Industry

When he felt the entrepreneurial itch, Jonathan Ellis swapped Big Macs for big dreams in education and then beauty.

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McDonald's Made a Simple Change to a Cult-Favorite Menu Item. Now, the Sandwich Is a $1 Billion Brand.

The crispy chicken sandwich originally debuted on menus in 2021.


McDonald's Just Announced 'Free Fries Fridays.' Here's How to Get In On the Deal.

The fast-food giant is giving away its most popular item—with a few conditions.

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Accusing Wendy's and McDonald's of Size Exaggeration in Ads

The judge wondered if the plaintiff had even seen the advertisements in question.

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Why Are Mysterious McDonald's Deliveries Showing Up on Random People's Doorsteps?

Residents of a neighborhood in Denton, Texas have received more than 20 DoorDash deliveries of McDonald's meals that no one ordered.