How to Attract Smart Millennials Through Better Job Descriptions

Appealing to smart young millennials in your job description should be a priority for your company. Here's how to do it.

John Boitnott

Tips from a 'millennial CEO' to make millennials love working for your company

For practical purposes, what do we of this generation want from a job? Apparently it is a real enigma for human resources departments.

Goodbye austerity, hello 'niceties'! Generation Z and Millennials are spending more than before the pandemic

The 15- to 40-year-old population is ready to leave the austerity of the pandemic behind and that is reflected in their spending.

Why Your Brand Should Address Hot-Button Issues

Sometimes it makes good business sense to take a stand on sensitive topics.

Scott Willyerd

Millennials least want to go back to their offices

Young employees will seek schemes that allow them to maintain their health, professional growth and personal development.

If you were born between 1980 and 1985, you are a 'geriatric millennial'

One author revolutionized social media by categorizing people under 45 as "geriatric."

March Violante

How to motivate your employees (without money)

There are non-cash incentives that are important to millennial or GenZ employees.

Querido Dinero

7 gadgets a millennial mom DOES want as a gift this Mother's Day

Check out this selection of gadgets perfect for a tech-loving young mom. Spoiler: does not include appliances, not a single one.

Young People Don't Feel They'll Have a Better Life Than Their Parents — Here's Why

A report from the 'Financial Times' details the concerns that young people, especially millennials, have regarding their futures.

Justin Chan

A New Breed of Investors Are Driving Purpose Plus Profit

Millennials want a meaningful impact in the world and aren't as focused on money alone.

Sarah Austin

Equity Compensation: Why Millennials Like It and How Entrepreneurs Can Use It

Equity can win over young talent without breaking the payroll.

Amy Reback